Alt Blading.

I‘ve been rollerblading since I was very young; eight year’s old or so. Remembering the first time I stood on top of my own feet without help always brings a smile to my face. So I started thinking about alternative rollerblading and Google came up with some pretty interesting information. What immediately caught my attention was WUMPSKATE. Wumpskate is a monthly held event in LA (At a rink called The World on Wheels) for everyone from the Goth, industrial, Alternative, indie, electro and eighties scenes/subcultures. This event is held for people of all ages and also has an instructor on hand to help all in need! There are bands from Electroclash, Gothic, Ethereal, Synthpop, Industrial, EBM, Teknoise styles and A LOT of Wumpscut. You can also request songs to be played on their website. With that amount of variety there should always be something for everyone! Roller Derby is also something I came across. A lot of roller derby teams actually wear alternative wear in their Derby teams. Such things as colored hair pieces, fishnet stockings, tutus, colored socks/stockings, miniskirts, school girl outfits and much more (Just use your imagination!). Rollerblading apart from being somewhat alternative and very retro (in my opinion) is great exercise for your thighs and lower legs. Not to forget, will help you gain better balance and reflexes! Rollerblading has a lot of benefits and though you wouldn’t want to be attempting to roller blade in a corset or head to toe velvet it’s a very worthwhile, social activity.
This is a picture of a punk band named Derby Misfits.
Well, that’s just something to muse over.
-SaryWalrusP.S. The official website for WUMPSKATE is right here. Link.


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  1. March 22, 2011 / 5:59 pm

    I'd love to check out Wumpskate sometime (I live near LA but have never been able to go, since it's on a week night). I've been to other LA Dead clubs and they are always the best!

    Sophistique Noir

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