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Today I’ve been feeling overly ‘hyper’ today to be honest and I am in no mood to write a nice comprehensible blog post. So instead I’m going to add some pictures from my favorite website and store Gallery Serpentine. Gallery Serpentine is a web-store and physical store based in Australia (though it does ship world wide) that produces Australia’s number one quality Corsets. Nothing less than spiral heavy duty poly propolene boning, or if you prefer steel boning you can add it at a minimal fee. Alternative bridal, victorian jackets, corsets, bloomers along with pvc bustle skirts, stylish bondage jackets, even bondage kilts for men and much more are sold at great quality.

I haven’t yet had the pleasure to buy a corset from this store though I am planning to in the very very near future and known people who have bought, worn and let me borrow their corset from this store. All I have to say, is sheer grace. The corsets are made for you to breath deeply but cinch greatly. Well, enough of my rambling and on to the photographs!

I want to get married in this so horribly! It’s even called the Antoinette Ensemble.

I couldn’t possibly get bored of pinstripe in my life. Villetta Ensemble.
This picture is just amazing, isn’t it? Gothic Geisha Femme Fatale Corset.
The male Marquis Corset.
Of course every website needs a little bit of steampunk here and there!

Well, I hope you enjoyed!

P.S. Just in case you missed all of my links above here’s another to the Gallery Serpentine website. Link.



  1. March 27, 2011 / 3:12 am

    I have six Gallery Serpentine corsets that I've purchased over the past 10 years or so. The quality is unbeatable, the prices are reasonable, and they are all SO comfortable!!

    The skirts in the first photo and the last photo are amazing. I must have them both. Someday. 🙂

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