The Industrial Revolution!

Most recently I’ve been preoccupied with an interest in industrial dancing. I first stumbled across the phenomenon whilst browsing industrial bands on youtube and was instantly amazed. I soon shared it with my friends and recently have been doing a little bit of practicing. It’s a great way to work out that tummy! Of course industrial dancing is more commonly danced to industrial music though other high pulse beats will do the job. Some types of music for example could be Wumpscut, FGFC820, Kernkraft 400, Porcelain and The Tramps, Combichrist, Alice in Videoland, Ayria and xRx. Industrial dancing is mostly based on the shaking of the hips and the moving of the arms though kicks and steps can also be introduced. The hips shake at the beat of the music. A talented industrial dancer often looks as if they are claiming war on everyone around them as they kick and punch, with military and futuristic influences, and it is wise not to stand to close. You never really know where the next punch will land. Styles often separate into two typical fields: the more “girly” swaying, carefully waving arms and hip movements compared to the more military punching and kicking style. Each is just as interesting to look at (I personally am the more girly style). Though, both men and women will mix between styles, of course. Industrial outfits aren’t completely necessary to the dancing but it does add that little aesthetic touch. Both men and women are often found wearing skirts, futuristic and military clothing are quite common, along with gas masks, electrical circuits, protective gear often worn by assembly line workers and hardware, oh and don’t forget the platform or military boots! Industrial outfits like these are most common in Germany, though it isn’t unusual to see an industrially dressed man or women in the rest of the world (Of course!). The Goth scene and Industrial scene may look alike to someone not as familiar with both subcultures because they share some common traits, for example the sometimes darker clothing, but they aren’t (as far as I know) entwined. Some would claim that cyber Goths are a mix between Goths and Rivetheads (Industrial people) though many more would disagree. Gas masks, goggles, large boots, I’m going to have to admit that all makes me a little excited. Well, I hope you enjoyed and if I mistook any information be sure to leave a comment!
Have a lovely day.
-SaryWalrus AKA Lucy Diamond.
P.S. Below is a link to my favorite video of industrial dancing. NOTE: I do not own this video!


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