Jhonen Vasquez

Jhonen Vasquez, also as Chancre Scolex or Mr. Scolexs, an alternative cartoonist, comic book writer and director that currently resides in America. Vasquez has published some very darkly humored comics and TV series and continues to create great dark artwork. In his comic’s Jhonen Vasquez often breaks the borders of this comic with comments about the book or himself. He also includes side comics inside his larger comics featuring little creatures and hilarious events. Some of his most noted works could include: Invader Zim, darkly themed animated TV series about an incompetent alien attempting to invade earth. This series happened to be quite popular when I was younger and was something I watched on a regular basis. The story line can be summed up as an alien’s attempt to take over the world but miserably failing every time, if at the fault of his side kick robot GIR who rarely obeys him; GIR is often see sporting a green puppy suit, storing cupcakes in his head and singing. Another character that often get’s in Zims way is Dim and his cynical and sarcastic sister Gaz. Dib is Zims main human opponent and is the only one on earth that automatically see’s through Zims disguise, he is obsessed with the supernatural and paranormal. Gaz is usually dragged away from her constant gaming to help fix Dibs problems and loves to cause Dib pain. This is a hilarious sometimes disturbing cartoon surprisingly intended for younger audiences but would entertain anyone with a taste for the morbid or paranormal. Johnny the Homicidal Maniac (JtHM), a horror comic book series that features Johnny. C, nicknamed “Nny” a fictional serial killer in his dark humored exploration of the forces that cause him to kill. This comic is drawn in high contrast black and white and sometimes contain secrete messages in the borders and pictures. Johnny often slaughters people who irritate him in horrific and creative ways and paints his house with their blood (Surprisingly not as horrific as it sounds!). Squee!, originally a character from JtHM but spawned its own four-issue series that was eventually made into its own book entitled: Squee’s Wonderful Big Giant Book of Unspeakable Horrors. The main character Todd Casil, also known as Squee is a quiet, bullied child with a flare for writing and an unsupportive family. His next door neighbor Johnny. C often breaks into his room late at night to visit him, somewhat of a mentor to him. This comic involves Squee’s best friend, a dilapidated teddy bear named Schmee, a friend that is soon recognized as the antichrist, alien abductions are common, a killer Chihuahua, zombie classmates, ghosts and Satan’s army. This is an amazing and hilarious comic book that I could not put down! These are among others of Jhonen Vasquez amazing works. I’m just sad at the fact that he had to discontinue the creation of Invader Zim. Hopefully the future will be filled with lots more of his work!



  1. dani-archer
    April 29, 2012 / 1:11 pm

    I love him o.O so much.
    He's a genius.

  2. November 15, 2012 / 6:43 am

    Finally I would find a post about Jhonen. I've read his comic "Squee" (well, my friend let me borrow it), and I have to say he's a master of black humor and satire.
    I've also heard he directed the music video for Mindless Self Indulgence's song "Shut Me Up".

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