My Introduction to The Goth Subculture PART ONE

Though, sometimes I probably seem like somewhat of a Lolita I would consider myself involved mostly in the Goth subculture and like any other there’s a story behind it. Most “Gothic blogs” I’ve read always have the composer discus the event or accumulation of events that made them become what they are now, at some point in their blogging life. Well, now it’s my turn. This is my story, of the events that have occurred in my short lifetime. The events that have made me less of a babybat than at the present moment.
As a child I remember my first sight of some Goths in the mall while shopping with my mother. These two, maybe, mid twenty year old men were walking through the mall gaining lots of stares as they were both bald, with beards and wearing long black bondage skirts, with quite a few piercings. I usually can’t help it but I stared until they walked away. I wasn’t staring in horror though; I thought they looked really amazing. As a young child my parents were often too busy to spend much time with me so I spent most nights after school eating spoonfuls of nutella while watching TV. I was always most interested in the darker characters, more creative and rebellious. This is where I gained more information on the fashion of the Goth scene through the typical “goth” characters in cheesy preteen girl shows such as Lizzie McGuire. 
At this point I wore nothing but denim and blue. As I reached grade five I spent most weekends at my best friends house, both of our parents didn’t pay much attention to us so when we found a spare box of black hair dye, we jumped straight into it without blinking an eye. The next few weeks I spent most of my time telling my class that I was a Goth. Of course, I only thought it was a style of dress at the time. That lasted until the black hair dye washed out (I have very annoying hair that will only hold strong hair dyes. It’s unimaginable how hard it is to find a bleach to work on my hair!)
To be honest even at such a young age I never really seemed to fit in with most people at school. I was always the quiet one, the serious and religious one. Oh and just for the record I also spent my whole childhood thinking I was a witch, studying the Harry Potter movies and obsessed with the fantasy worlds of Hogwarts and witches. Some events, that I would prefer not to go into details about, also made me realise that the world is a horrible place and bad things will forever be happening to good people.
Well, that’s part one of my two(ish) part story. I hope it wasn’t too boring for you!


  1. March 29, 2011 / 11:25 am

    Well now I'm intrigued! Sadly I have no big story to tell *tear*

  2. March 29, 2011 / 11:30 am

    Actually, I'm shocked by how long mine is!

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