Outfit Post: Victorian student!

Well, tomorrow is a mufti day to raise money for the cancer council at my school. Basically we get to wear that of our choosing (within reason) for only a dollar or two dollar donation. Whilst I was trying on my outfits and picking the best one I took some photographs of the end result (which I absolutely adore) though considering it’s going to be a twenty five degree Australian day I might not get a chance to wear this beautiful outfit outside. But why hide this outfit until a rainy day? Why not wear it to a place where the weather is anything you choose? That place being the internet, of course, with all of my lovely readers. I hope you enjoy!

This is an attempt of long shot in my dark and messy room in my mirror.
Blouse: Borrowed from my mother.
Lace overlay: Second hand.
Black skirt: Homemade (Not yet finished but neh!).
Petticoat: GLP.
Bow with amethyst: The ribbon at a very cheap store and amethyst from my grandmother.

I’m not wearing any make up, unfortunately and my smile is questionable but a picture, none-the-less.

Now this is a much prettier picture! Though it was an attempt at showing my skirt a bit more. Hehe!

What do you think?


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