PVC Demonia Swing-220’s.

Today is a day to be remembered forever. The day my first ever pair of platform boots were delivered. They’re a pair of PVC Demonia swing-220 and I got them for a bargain off eBay secondhand. These beautiful shoes were my boy friend’s present to me and I LOVE them to death. Demonia make great, comfortable shoes but are also reasonably cheap and are probably one of the most common brands of alternative platform boots. Yet, this is not a post about Demonia, which will come sooner or later. These are just some pictures of me wearing my lovely lovely boots. I hope you can tell how happy I am!Of course the first thing I did when these arrived was put on a nice outfit, grab my camera and take some pictures. So enjoy!

This was actually suppose to be a picture of my boots though I had left the timer on and didn’t want to wait the ten flashes of bending over while holding the camera. Instead I took one of my face.

The see-through-ish black long sleeved over thing (sorry I’m really lost for words) was actually a pair of very cheap stockings I modified, which is why they have a few holes and tears in them. I’m considering tearing it up purposely, what do you thing?
My mother took this picture of me. She kept insisting I turn slightly in every picture.
This was the first picture I took and my favorite. I had to move because of the direction of the sun but liked this photo so much that I photo-shopped it a tad lighter.

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