Rasputina is a cello driven band, well known for their unconventional and outwardly quirky music which is often inspired by historical events, fashion (particularly the Victorian era) and stereotypes, often somewhat parodying these ideas. The three band members (Sarah Bowman, Melora Creager, and Jonathon Tebeest) could be classed as somewhat steampunk, dark cabaret, folk-esque and gothic at times though I prefer the term “Chamber Goth” or “Cello rock”.

Transylvania Regurgitations, Oh Perilous World and How We Quit the forest are examples of Rasputina’s many albums each ranging from peaceful melodic to somewhat disturbing but still vastly captivating. “Oh Perilous World” in particular has been quoted to be a recollection of six years of domestic and foreign policies under President George W. Bush’s administration. This is captured through a fictional parallel universe of somewhat steampunk influences. Themed songs such as “Beetljuice” and “Coraline” have also, been contributed to other miscellaneous albums.
Such events as the already stated administration of George Bush also include: The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, A Birkenau concentration camp during WW2. These among other events are explored through various songs and albums. These are often contrasted with beautifully dramatic melodies. Other such songs as “Diamond Mind” and “Mayfly” create a lighter picture with quirky lyrics and music. On the other hand Rasputina have been known to cover and adapt Marilyn Manson’s songs, I’m not quite sure what to think of that.
As I earlier stated Rasputina relies on fashion such as the Victorian era. They began with strict rules of Victorian underwear and only white clothing but loosened this thought throughout the years. Their website states that they have specially made corsets for them and most of their clothing comes from flea markets or antique dealers. They include other such details as feathers and masks.
This is one of my very favorite bands as I love somewhat twisted music that has Victorian influences as could be told by my love of Emilie Autumn. This band combines the twisted melodies and images of fantasy with cello and folk music. It’s a wonderful contrast that combines in such a lovely way, that you will either love or hate.
-SaryWalrus AKA Lucy Diamond.
P.S. Rasputina’s website. Link.

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