Style Icon: Adora Batbrat

The well known Electro-Goth utube star, Adora Batbrat is a women of many talents. She has done some amazing utube tutorials on Goth make up; she’s an alternative model and a mother of three children. Adora Batbrat is a fond believer in the Montignac method and has a liking of lace stockings. But overall she’d have to be one of the best dress Goths to cross the internet.

Adora Batbrat’s make up will never go unnoticed. She prizes herself (And should get a prize) on looking fabulous every day. Her utube tutorials include her talking us through or showing us the way she creates her fabulous facial designs. (What make up? This should rather be called artwork!) Her make up varies but can include: flicks, drawn on eye brows, false eyelashes, pops of colour, facial jewels, warm blushes and intricately designed swirls and patterns.
Ms. Batbrat also has her own clothing line (or is construction of her own line) of clothing, presently including some adorable lace blouses and skirts and a LOT of patterns (Yay!). Common – or should I say, not so common articles of clothing – would have to include Lolita styled, princess sleeved blouses, pretty, feminine short skirts and dresses, many pairs of lace stockings and socks, killer pairs of heels and of course accessories, some of which include: Fishnet gloves, scarves, belts, gorgeous necklaces and more than often bows or bats (Or even both!) but not to forget a crown. This is of course paired with a firm jacket and knee warmers for the cold weather.
Lilac-y purple, light pink, white blonde, pale blue, these are just some of the many colour’s Ms. Batbrat has had her hair and being completely honest, I have never seen anyone who has suited so many. Her hair is also deadly long, reaching past her hips (That’s A LOT of bleach!). All of these colour’s she manages to pull off perfectly and always somewhat amazingly.
Through a combination of hair colours, lace stockings, false eye lashes and lengthy hair Adora Batbrat has taken the meaning of “so different you want to look and so beautiful you don’t want to look away” to a new level. Adora Batbrat is a true style icon.


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