Style Icon: Emilie Autumn

Emilie Autumn alongside her ‘Bloody Crumpet’s’ (including but not limited to: Captain Maggot, The Blessed Contessa, Naughty Veronica and The Lady Aprella) is a major fashion icon in the alternative scene. Her style is a mix of Victorian, cabaret and different styles of Goth with strong pirate influences sometimes referred to as “Victorian industrial” or even “Violin industrial”. You wouldn’t find someone dressed like this on any main street! Though Ms Autumn limits herself to mostly reds, whites and blacks her style is one of few that will never get old. Key items often appearing in her outfits are bloomers/pantaloons, corsets, petticoats, stripped/net stockings and beautiful Victorian dresses. Most of her pieces are either handmade herself or vintage items, though she is known to be a big promoter of Manic Panic cosmetics and some sources say most of her boots are Demonia. Emilie Autumns music also inspires a very unique Victorian themed industrial (sometimes grinding) sound which is sometimes paired with somewhat opera-like singing by Emilie Autumn along side herself, yet again, playing violin (Sometimes amplified). Her earlier album’s consisted of more “faerie” sounding music with a more pop influence. By taking a track from each album it is very obvious of her changes and advancements in her music, from “faerie-pop” to her electrified violin solo’s and dark lyrics of her “victoriandustrial” sound. Emilie Autumn is obviously a master of many skills, at the age of eight she debuted in her first orchestra, later in life she published eight albums, six singles and both wrote and illustrated a 266 page colour autobiography of her life, all this while suffering from bipolar disorder. Emilie Autumn is more than just a style icon but an inspiration.


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  1. August 6, 2014 / 2:36 am

    Well now lets add more ridiculously gifted and beautiful people I will never be able to be… haha but seriously, she sounds like amazing in a corset when you put it like that

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