The Wonderous World of Gothic Hats!

To be honest at first I was going to do a little blog post on Pillbox hats in the gothic scene. Then I realised, why limit myself to just those! There are many different types of hats worn in the scene, just as many as in mainstream fashion. Some outfits just don’t seem right without that little piece of magic that sits on top of your head. Top hats/bowler Hats
Top hats can be easily distinguished from bowler hat’s by their crowns. Top hats have a flat crown and bowler hats are rounded towards the top. These hats of a good quality can be quite costly but will last the wear and tear of everyday use. They are stereotypically seen on Victorian Goths, romantigoths and period themed styles and will definitely complete an outfit to perfection. Miniature Top Hats
Basically a miniature top hat is a top hat but smaller. They come in many different styles though are mostly seen in more burlesque and Lolita fashions. These are a good alternative to tops hats as they are usually less expensive but that isn’t always the case. Mini top hat’s can be embellished with lace, beads, gems, feathers, crystal and sometimes come with an attached veil. The pros apart from being less expensive, adorable and easily customizable, they are very easy to make yourself. Pillbox Hats
These are personally one of my favorite and versatile hats. These are often seen with more vintage styles though not limited too. They can be adorned with lace, veils, flowers, feathers, bows, buttons, chains etc. There are different styles of this hat ranging from the smaller most top hat style that sits upon your head (my favorite), to the larger more stretchable style that is usually pulled over the head much like a beanie. These are also a very easily made hat that would look good in any colour. Source Bonnets
Bonnets are more of a Lolita favorite but period Goths and Victorian Goths are sometimes seen wearing them. They come in a variety of colors, can be adorned with a variety of ornaments and there are a wide selection of styles. These are especially good for keeping your skin nice and pale in summer months with their long brims. Veils
Well, veils aren’t exactly hats but more of a hair adornment (Oh well, they are beautiful). This is a very common gothic hair piece for gothic women, commonly seen in the Victorian, romantic, burlesque and vintage styles but of course varying! Surprisingly, they are not as easy to make as you would think but are suitable to be made out of any number of fabrics, lace and netting being the most common. They can range from being floor length, attached to the back of a top hat or being very short and slim over the fringe. The possibilities are endless. Tiara’s and Crowns
Again, not really a hat but very close! These can range from miniature crowns and tiaras to long and pointy, larger styles. Circlets are more commonly seen on the medieval/ period Goths but not limited to. Crowns and tiaras are also widely used by perky and electro Goths (Andora Batbrat being the best example). Of course, quality is your friend when buying a crown or tiara. Though by quality I mean, spending more than two dollars at your local toy store (I’m guilty of this!). Etsy is a great place for unique crowns and tiaras in gothic and non-gothic styles.Source
Of course a Goth isn’t limited to the above; there are of course berets, caps, beanies and much, much more. So get out there! Get creating! Get imagining! Explore the brilliant world that are hats.



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    I'm planning on buying a circlet and a bowler hat ^_^

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