Book Review: Host

The Host has been one of my favorite books since I first finished the last of its pages. Sure, I’m not much of a sci-fi fanatic, far from actually, but this book that combined a love triangle of romance, a futuristic plot and aliens you have got to love.  Of course if you have a look at the author’s name you may write is off as soon as you see it, but look past that and judge the book for what it truly is: an adventurous, female alien protagonist’s journey of the future and how she changes everything.
I guess I have to eventually tell you the author, if you already haven’t guessed. But rather than say it I’ll just spell it out in one sentence that NO ONE could ever misunderstand. “Mainstream sparkly vampire novelist”, yeah, I said it. To be honest when I first read the books before the movie was released I liked them. I love anything that combined horror and romance or basically anything to do with romance (to be honest). As soon as the movies hit the mainstream though, I felt a loss of love for what I once knew. It was never the same again. Just a fact and yes I know I’m rambling but one thing I hate is when authors change the covers of their books to suit their movie fans and to finish of my rant I think that picture of Edward and Bella is the ugliest shot that could be taken. /End rant/.
Now bringing this review back into the more positive light of Host; or one would think. While writing this review I’ve come to realise some similarities in She who must not be named’s writing. The alien’s are flowing sparkly fish type creatures that are usually held in tanks, until they are medically inserted into the central nerve system of a human or other planetary being. The alien’s travel the solar system and others to find planets of creates they can take over so they can take their bodies and live as they would. There’s one difference between the aliens and humans though. The alien’s live in complete piece and harmony, there is no currency as everything is shared evenly (a communist though) and they all put equal amounts of work into everything.
One unrealistic thing about this book is that no matter who you are alien or human in Host a greedy person isn’t present. There are groups of human survivals located in main city’s (The book is based in America) that fight the Seekers; these are the aliens that have chosen to search for human bodies to be used. 
The protagonist is an alien, a great traveler that has lived many different lives. The one to be chosen as part of an experiment. Usually only children can be used as Hosts because their minds are easily taken over with the lack of memories but the traveler is placed inside an adult woman’s body, the body of Melanie. She soon starts to hear a voice inside her head, Melanie’s voice and memories that persuade her to find Melanie’s love. This creates problems inside both the traveler’s mind and Melanie’s which they happen to share. 
This great book is set mainly in the Arizona desert, which I personally love. Strangely enough I would love to live there one day! I found it a great read, which I found in Angus and Roberson in the top a hundred books self. By the end you will love the characters and feel for them, love them or hate them they build emotion. Though not quite a “horror” this book does contain some very exciting moments and by the end I knew I was wishing for a sequel. 
P.S. I know I’ve been horrible with my frequent posting lately but due to trying to piece back together my relationship, last minute exams and my camera being horrible rude I could find the time nor motivation. Wish me luck?

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