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Well, today I did three things. Well the third I’m still doing but hopefully will be finished before the end of the holidays. My friends and I always have two tradition’s. We get together at someone’s place to dress up before going somewhere (Because honestly, we’re in high school we never have anywhere to go) and we dress up when we’re practicing our industrial dancing. This is because the more you look the part, the more you feel the part, the more in tune with the music you will become. Would a Deathrocker be at their most aesthetic to the background of classical music? Well, actually that would be quite interesting but hopefully you get the point.

Experimenting With Liner Brushes

I decided to play with my make up a bit, as one tends. I love mixing my blues and blacks because in my opinion deep reds don’t seem to look appealing with my blue toned pale. The pictures are horrible quality but I will explain about the colour and procedure here.

This is the finished result. As you can see, this is a prime example of me using waaaaaay too much mascara. First I lined the top of my lids with black liquid liner. I then lined the bottom with a gray eyeliner pencil, focusing more on the lash line. Surprisingly, next I mascara-ed up, which usually doesn’t happen until I’m finished but I wasn’t sure where I was going with this.

This is a horrible quality photo that makes my lids look gray but it’s actually more blue. First I covered the liquid eyeliner with black eye shadow and smudged it into a gray upwards using a regular sponge applicator. Then I took an old liquid eyeliner brush (which I cleaned with boiling water) and smothered it with dark blue eye shadow. Using that I created the line at the crease of my eyelid (which I wish had turned out sharper). Then I smothered the old eyeliner brush in pale blue/lilac and filled in the in between of the crease line and liner line. I then darkened the outer sides of each lid with dark gray and blended.
NOTE: I find it a LOT easier using old liquid eyeliner brushes when doing thin lines with dry and especially wet eye shadows but I’m guessing (don’t quote me on this) that a straight square ended brush would do just as well.
I have no idea why there is a time stamp. It’s never happened before! 
I had taken inspiration from one of my you-tube subscriptions. I had watched seen a make up tutorial, a long while ago, by FilleDePorcelaine (whom I think is a German Gothic Lolita model for Bodyline). The first few times I tried this I tended to use more whites to contrast darker blacks and liked it better but this wasn’t bad. Next time I’ll use my wet to liquid eye shadow (which is a sparkly black) because my liquid eyeliner is cheap and blends to a horrible blue while wearing. 
I photo-shopped this because I wanted to be more creative with my pictures.
This is actually the old liner brush that I use almost all of the time. It was a great liquid eyeliner which I accidentally bought from a pharmacy and was horribly expensive but worth it because it lasted so long and worked so well! From what I can make out it’s called Quick Stroke eyeliner.
I don’t wear primer and never have. Firstly because I’m too cheap to buy one but secondly because I haven’t tried one before and know I will get addicted. Hehe!

Neck Corset

If you can’t tell, I’m actually wearing my neck corset that I bought from The Love Child Boudoir (which was reviewed slightly in another post, here). I didn’t think to take some pictures of it without my bow I had tied around it, darn! It is pinstriped, it just doesn’t show up very well, and is mostly hidden by the bow.

At first the lace was itchy and scratchy but after wearing it for longer the feeling faded slightly but continued. It wouldn’t bother me horribly but I tend to ignore irritation and try to forget. For others it may be different. The lace doesn’t seem very good quality but it still is very pretty and when it arrived I didn’t think it would suit most of my outfits but surprisingly it has.


At the moment I’m working on a jacket my mother gave me years ago when I started getting into Goth fashion. It was from the eighties (xD). It was way WAY too large for me (It makes me wonder if my mum has shrunk since she’s a lot smaller than me and I’m 5′ 6, 48kg). I removed the shoulder pads the day it was given to me and had planned on altering it to fit better. I hung it and told myself I was going to do it! Three years later I’m finally getting started on the alterations. Better now than when I had less practice and patience, I guess. Now I’m used to sewing jackets and easy skirts from scratch and probably should use patterns but, really, couldn’t be bothered.

Well, to end my rambling, I’ve taken in the stomach of the jacket and that made me realise that I will need to alter a lot more than just the stomach/chest I have to remove the excess from the shoulder pads. Altering is completely different than my usual approach.

Now I’m off to try and finish my alterations, which I will probably put off until tomorrow.
-I hope you’ve had a lovely Easter! Miss. Walrus.

P.S. Sadly enough a vegetarian lasagna burn to death while I was writing this post as I had forgotten about it. R.I.P. Vegetarian lasagna, I will miss you.


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  1. April 29, 2011 / 5:10 pm

    You're not 5'6", you're my height exactly, which puts you at 5'3". XD Heather's 5'7", and you're nowhere near fox-height.

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