Just DON’T “Make Up” All Over Your Face

Make up is an art form, in which some do better than others. As someone who isn’t amazing but still understands the basics and is willing to learn I obviously don’t know it all, or even half. Even so, that makes it all the sadder when I, of all cosmetic enthusiasts, notice the most obvious PLAIN NO in the world.

Black lip stick does not suit everyone, as with other colours. I know this as a fact as it just does not suit me at all. I have tried and it’s a no go area. There is no, “Maybe if I wiggle it this way instead” area. If it does not suit you, there is no fixing it. Unless you grow into it, or out of it for that matter, it is not going to change overnight.

Skin colour does not work with some colours of make up. This goes for lip stick, blush, most things. If you have deeply tanned skin (and this may be just my opinion and mine alone) but bright blues, yellows and most of all bright oranges just do not work. When I say deeply tanned though, I mean deep DEEP tan. Not African or such those are completely different.

I’ve only recently grown a love for bright red lip stick, it works well with my pale skin tone. This though has given me a fond love of lip liner. It may not seem to be of use in the beginning but after a few hours or so of talking and traveling it had made it’s way into my necessities list. Another thing, try and get a lip liner as close to the lip stick colour as possible. Most of the time it will not look good.

 Applying lip stick and wet lip glosses around lip rings (As mine can only be taken out with reverse blade pliers) is a horror. It takes some practice and helps to move the lip ring towards the other direction as the gloss or stick dries slightly. I am not very fond of finishing my lips perfectly to have my lip ring mash it across my mouth.

I’m a enthusiastic believer in using sun screen under your make up. No matter the amount of clouds in the sky they are not in your defense. The sun will still burn you. A great product to keep around is a moisturizer with SPF protection. Try brushing some translucent powder or other such powder (that matches your skin colour or one and two shades less) to lessen shine. When I run out of moisturizer I tend to revert back to using sun screen alone, which if your skin isn’t prove to oiliness works well. Just remember to replace the sun screen at least every six months and to stay away from your eyes unless your not using mascara, eye liner (pencil or liquid) or shadow. It doesn’t end well.

Even though I never end up following this, try to only brush mascara along each lash line once or twice. I tend to brush quite a lot and end up with chunky blobs of black across my lashes and a very heavy feeling. It looks better, feels better and dries a lot faster with less!

It helps when applying liner around the eye to gently and carefully place a little shadow on top of it. It looks more matte and softer, in my opinion. I’ve found that when using less expensive make up the shadow and liner may combine during the day and leave a horrible blue colour that resides in the creases of your eyes. Maybe it’s just that I don’t use under-shadow’s to keep it sticking in place.

These may seem very basic but I know it took me some time to realise or even accept these important aspects of cosmetics. Some of these points aren’t laws and may not apply directly to you but the majority, others are simply my opinion. Take them or leave them, I still hope you enjoyed!




  1. April 12, 2011 / 6:09 pm

    Call me a bitch but I think Adora BratBat's (sp?) youtube videos are completely ridiculous, like you said :/ it shouldn't go everywhere.

  2. April 13, 2011 / 2:55 am

    Agreed but I'd have to say she does have talent. Just talent that should go on a canvas and not her face.

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