SaryWalrus’ Top Five Bloggers

Well, I’m a blogger junkie. Everyday I am searching for another blog to add to my list of everyday reads. Of course, I’m very picky in that aspect but I have come across quite a few great reads.  Some you would have heard of, others you probably haven’t. These aren’t just blogger blogs but are the internet wide and are of course my opinionated favorites.

5. 101 Ways You Can’t Get Pregnant
 101 Way’s You Can’t Get Pregnant is a sarcastic but scientific look at the many ways you cannot get pregnant. This site is the product of Elizabeth Boskey and Jessica Mesick, sex educators each with a PHD or more, who wanted a humorous way to address the many ridiculous question they get about sex every day. Such question as “You can not get pregnant from petting a dog that may or may not have had the misfortune of lying in a bed covered with your brother’s ejaculate.” The great part is that these are all real questions that were commented onto their blog, that you can actually see!

Sadly they only update when unrepeated questions are submitted and that isn’t always often. It is a good site to read through though if your looking for a great laugh or maybe even to learn something, as after their hilarious responses they break the question down into facts.

4. Juliet’s Lace
Juliet’s Lace is a blogger blog that has articles that range from make up reviews to information on goth fashion. Amy, the creator, really knows how to keep the information fresh and interesting but also unique. But what really drew me to this blog was of course the layout. I have to admit I judge most things but the way they look. Juliet’s Lace has a clean layout, easily read and great to search through but of course is generally pretty.

I recommend this blog for lovers of alternative fashion and cosmetics but it is generally well suited for all.

3. Goth’s In Hot Weather
Goth’s in Hot Weather is a hilarious and unique site that takes submitted pictures of Goth’s in hot weather and rates their sweat-i-ness and goth-i-ness. Adding a well thought out pun and comment. It’s very well written by a former member of the subculture and is a great read for anyone who loves a bit of irony.

This concept was well thought out, hilarious and popular. Most would have heard of Goth’s in Hot Weather and though I’m not sure if it’s due to lack of submissions or the creator just being plain busy it isn’t updated horribly often. It once had it’s own site but due to annoying instances it was closed and a blogspot was open in it’s place.

2. My Southern Gothic Life
My Southern Gothic Life may sound highly obvious due to the title and that’s what I thought as well, but oh god are you wrong. This blog is the story of a gay man’s journey growing up in southern Virginia. It’s his memories and feelings of the “Southern” way and of how he escaped.

I love the open nature of these posts and how they really let you know the family members and friends he speaks about. Scott, the author, is an amazing writer and was always considering making his blog into a book. Let me tell you, once you starting reading, you wont be able to stop.

1. The Ultimate Goth Guide
 Last but not least, The Ultimate Goth Guide is a daily favorite of mine and many others. This is a blog that you’ve most undoubtedly heard of and dabbled in, one that I check at least twice a day. It is the most accurate yet entertaining free source of Goth information I have found on the net. It goes into much more detail, facts and figures than any other. It explores the variety of music genres, bands, meetings, fashions and much much more. This blog while being fact wise and interesting can be humorous at times also. This blog is the first thing I would point anyone wanting to get into the subculture or even know about the subculture towards.

This is a daily updated blog and I know a lot of people who are disappointed without their daily intake of The Ultimate Goth Guide, including me! Check it out, it will be worth it.

Well this ends my top five. I hope you enjoyed, now off for me to the great land of caffeine addiction yet again.A day isn’t really a day without another cup of coffee.

-Ms. Walrus



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    Thank you for including me! I'm so flattered, makes me feel fuzzy inside :3

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