Black Tips and Sparkles

Today I finally got around to redoing my nails, after last time of doing one hand red and forgetting about the other hand. I don’t pay much attention to my nails usually, apart from a Burgundy or black coat and generally looking after then. To my surprise, a while ago I stumbled across a picture of some nails that I loved and I knew I would have to do it!

Finally a pot of sparkly clear nail polish found it’s way to me. (When I wait for something, that tends to happen!) Anyway, here are some pictures of the close to finished result, they are a bit messy there.

I was painting them in dim light and sadly didn’t remove all of the former red. That’ll teach me.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my sparkly nail adventure! Also, try not to be too worried about my alien fingers, as my hands naturally don’t gain weight and my bones are just weird.

-Ms. Walrus.


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