Band Review: Bella Lune

I first found this band while amusing myself with a little light reading of Carpe Nocturne. The band is influenced by such as The Cure, Skinny Puppy, Bjork, Sioxsie Siox and the Banshees, Bauhaus and more and are said to be beloved by those whom have an interest in The Birthday Massacre and other such dream pop.
Bella Lune is described as electronic and sounds like a fusion of dreamy vocals, synth, piano, guitars and bells.  They are highly melodic and Fuchsia, the main singer, has a very dreamy, angelic voice, ensuring the lyrics haunt from the first line. A great band for those looking for Gothic fairytale-esque music with under-lying creepy and sad emotion.
Bella Lune was the creation of Fuchsia and Kal3id, who met in October of 2005. They together created, produced and released their music. A few years later they recruited Hurley (Live Synther), R. Duke (Live drummer), Beeka (Live Violin) and Dy (The live guitarist). Bella Lune has preformed live around the world, from their hometown Arizona to Tokyo, Japan.
 They have also shared the stage with such bands as The Cruxshadows, Ayria, Voltaire, Unwomen, Bella Morte, Ego Likeness, Nitzer Ebb and much, MUCH more.
Bella Lune has released two albums, Abstract Visions (2008) and Syenthesia (2010) both in the style of classic goth with synth adaptations but ranging from haunting dreamy lyrics to a more upbeat pop, electronic feel.
You should check them out here.(I would LOVE to see them live!)
-Ms. Walrus.

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  1. Anonymous
    May 25, 2011 / 4:31 am

    thank you for the great review. cheers, fuchsia

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