Black And Blue.

Well, as anyone who has browsed through my make up rants will know, black lipstick is not one of my most used and suitably-me cosmetic. I attempted to see if this had changed yet and again, failed quite miserably, though some somewhat okay photo’s came out of it. Oh and I was experimenting with my eye making, in a way I had been wanting to all week, but had never had the time.

With and without, as shown.

One particular reason that specifically waxy lipsticks don’t work well with me and blacks is that (As shown in the picture bellow) I have my lip pierced and rather than it being even more difficult to maneuver around, there is a section of my lip which had scarred and does not show lip stick. Much like attempting to paint the inside lining of the wall of your mouth with black lipstick. Nothing. Besides that, red is simply easier as it isn’t as noticeable.

 Now on to the eyes. Well, this experimentation was truly an experiment. I lined the top of my eyes with liquid liner and then lined my water line of the bottom, the bottom led from the outer corner to the tip into somewhat of a cat eye. I then applied a white base first to the inside corner which failed as I soon found out that the blue refused to blend with it. After a long time of blending the blue finally blended reasonably. I then added the black outer areas.

 I added a white coat of eye shadow along my brow bone and let it set. Next I added some white to the inner corners of my eye, this blended amazingly with the blue. I added black show around the outer side of the bottom lash line and cleaned up a bit with white eyeshadow.

  Last but not least I added the dots which I screwed up, quite obviously. I’m growing an obsession for dots hence the vast amount.  I didn’t end up using mascara.


I hope you enjoyed.
-Ms Walrus.

P.S. I would just like to direct any Australian Goth’s to a meetup in September (Maybe) in Sydney on Ms Kitty Lovetts page! I’ll be there. 😀 LINK. Come along and join us for high tea and video games, oh and furies.



  1. May 27, 2011 / 2:32 pm

    Love the eye make-up! I'm not a big fan of black lipstick myself. It tends to look pretty in pictures, but IRL, it often looks very tacky.

  2. May 28, 2011 / 12:48 am

    Really love the colors! I love black lipstick!

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