Black and White; A cartoon adventure.

My titles must be very misleading! This is just some of my artwork that I’ve been doing for a larger project piece. I’m obsessed with cartoon-esque black and white figures. It wont be long before I’m drawing cameos! Well, enjoy!

Also, these are in the order in which I’ve drawn them, which spans three or four months.

These were originally carrots, hence the carrots in nooses in the background. It’s one of my favorites.
A puppet girl.
Titled “Death-Metal Teddy” I LOVE HIM.
This one originally came with a label that read, “You Honestly Make me want to Write Horrible Poetry, About you Eulogy.”

Originally just a doodle, this is my DEATH-ROCKER-DUDE.

This is for anyone who plays Mine-Craft. This is my version of a cartoon CREEPER.
After drawing the DEATH-ROCKER I wanted to add one to my collection of stereotypes so I added a Romanti-Goth.
This was my crappy five minute cartoon sketch of my boy friend.

 What did you think?



  1. May 1, 2011 / 4:38 pm

    I really like your artwork! It's so cool. I wish I had the talent to draw.

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