Black, White and Red: Cosmetic Experimentation

As usual, a little make up experimenting. I was watching some YouTube video’s and became inspired about the dots. I still need to work on them. I don’t particularly like the lower line of dots in that position.

 I lined my upper lid with black liquid liner and placed a line of liquid liner on the water line of my lower hid. I usually finish that off with a bit of pencil liner to make it meld to gray a bit but used my mascara too quickly and couldn’t after that. My mascara wasn’t working very well today so it doesn’t look like it’s usual clumpy mess. Hehe!

 I used black sparkly shadow on the inside corner of my lid and spread it past the center of the lid.I then added some white shadow on the corner corner of my lid and blended the black into the white.

Next I took a round brush and across the blended gray laid a coat of white shadow, I didn’t brush it into top as that would bled a bit, instead I patted my brush. To make a circle of white across the gray.

Next I started on my dots. I simply use my liquid liner and started from the middle dot, making it the largest, to the end dots, making it the smallest. Then starting from the center again making each smaller.

Lastly, I added my Lime Crime lipstick along with some vogue red lip liner.

Hope you enjoyed.
Ms. Walrus.


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