An IAMX Love Letter


Spit it out. Spit it out was the first song that I had heard of IAMX and at the time I thought it was nice but wasn’t very interested. It was first bright to me through a youtube subscription of my favorite industrial dancer, through which I found this band. The dancer posted a few videos, all of which I was eager to look at and my love for them started to grow. In the beginning I had never thought I would enjoy this bands music to the extent I do now but as time went on my love grew into the “fan-women”-ness that will be mentioned ahead.

Chris Corner, the only member of IAMX, is the envy of all men as his following of “fan-women” grow larger. Some have said such things as “His voice/lyrics are like sex”. IAMX was the solo project of Chris Corner, which was created after he left his prior band Sneaker Pimps. Chris constantly works with other artists, eg Moonbootica. He also produces, performs, mixes and all included variations of these methods in each of his songs. Chris Corner also produced the soundtrack for the French film Les Chevaliers du ciel. 
IAMX is classified as “1980’2 inspired electronic” music and, hence, is highly dulled in some instances. He suggests topics of sex, death, drugs and politics strongly throughout most of his music. An example can be found in Pretty Little Angel, in which IAMX features, explores fetishes throughout the video.

Chris Corner, though he is classed as an electronic artist, is a prime example of alternative but highly Gothic fashion. He is prone to cross dressing, elaborate make up, essentially black, black veils, suits and fetish elements in his videos and generally his work. His make up is highly eighties electronic, including (but not limited to) triangles and blue lightning bolts!

IAMX is a promising act that has three albums and is still creating to this day. With 1980’s inspired electronic, cross-dressing, gothic fashion, sex, death, eighties make up and all around sexiness, what isn’t to like?
-Best wishes, SaryWalrus.

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