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It’s a Little Bit More of a Green Thing

Yet again, playing around with my make up. I’ve been focusing more of green and dots lately, mainly because my usually blue contrasts with my hair too much for my preference but that’s beside that point. The firs thing I had ever bought from eBay was a pot of sparkly green eye dust (Don’t ask me why? I honestly have no idea.) that I had never used until today. Green usually wasn’t my colour until that of late so I had never had a reason to use it. Well, I could probably go on about past events for the entirety of this post, but what would be the point in that?

 First, I lined my upper lid with black liquid eyeliner and used black liquid eyeliner on my water line on my lower lid. Then I covered my eyelids with a dark metallic earth green. (This is from a trio eye shadow called Liberty in green). I also used a light pale green across the crease of my eye and edged the metallic green. Of course, I then applied mascara to upper and lower lash lines.

 I then, using a blending bush applied the green eye dust across the entirety of the shadow. I brushed some across the top lash line lightly and then across the lower lash line.

 Next, I attempted three dots above one eye, using the black liquid eyeliner and bellow the other eye, from larger to smaller. Unfortunately my hands were shaking terribly.

Lastly, I finished the look by lining my inner lips with red lip liner and going over it in my Lime Crime Lipstick.

What did you think?
-Ms. Walrus.


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