Product review: Lime Crime; Retrofuturistic Lipstick

Coming home to find this little delight sitting across my key board made my day. I ripped open the packet in joy, after having to wait two weeks for it to arrive due to the Easter public holiday in Canada. To be honest I first stumbled across the Lime Crime website after seeing the very beautiful advertisement on facebook.

Dodgy pose is required. This is the lipstick wet
along with the night time lighting of my room.

Lime Crime is was created by Doe Deere to bring fantasy to reality. She created her opaque lip sticks and dazzling eye-shadow’s to make the world a brighter place, literally. Lime Crime features lipsticks in colours such as opaque yellow (New Yolk City), opaque green (Mint To Be), opaque pink (Centrifuchsia) and many more and along with many eye shadows or as Doe Deere calls them “Magic Dusts” (My personal favorite being Medusa).

Lime Crime cosmetics are also certified animal cruelty free by PETA, most of which are vegan also. Each colour of lipstick or eye shadow comes with it’s own fairytale. For example the bio for Cosmopop (softened orange):

She parked her hovercraft with the authority of a queen beside a large sign that read No Parking, removed her large sunglasses to take one quick look at the man taking money from the patrons, and strode through the open door behind him. And that was when the party began.
Sparkly Unicorns all around!

Just to continue with my beginning, I ripped open the package to find an adorable pink bullet shaped lipstick contained, adorned with a sparkling unicorn and stars. In my opinion, Lime Crime would have to get extra points for creativity in their design. The lipstick container is beautiful and completely girly.

Retrofuturistic is, of course, the colour I bought. Any guesses to what colour it is? Red, as always! I’ve already explained how the packaging and the website is but I’m sorry to say it’s not yet time for the results of my extensive testing on the lipstick, just yet.

I bought the lipstick from a certified Lime Crime distributing on eBay of course because I am, as you know, cheap and the few dollar or two I saved was much needed! Anyway, the distributing raised the bar for seller’s on eBay. After paying for the product the seller sent a much appreciated thank you email and told me that I had been a fast customer. She quickly then sent me another email explaining that in Canada it is a public holiday and the product wouldn’t be shipped for a few days and apologizing, though she had dropped it off already. I was actually quite happy about this, as the great service made up for the long wait.

Along with the lipstick I received a personally written note thanking me for buying. These were of course marketing skills and nothing more but the ‘little things’ are the difference from a horrible seller and a great seller.

Finally, to the actual lipstick! I couldn’t wait until I was fully dressed to try the lipstick on so I quickly washed my face, lined my lips and the time finally arose! The lip stick was creamy, but not wasteful. It kept a wet shiny appearance and refused to dry, and, as a bonus, it didn’t even stick to my lip ring; not smudging once.

To test the strength I kissed my mirror four times, that did absolutely nothing. The lipstick remained perfectly in condition, it was still the beautiful masterpiece I had applied. I then blotted the lip stick before attempting to remove it and it didn’t budge. There was no wet appearance anymore but the red definitely held true. I was amazed! The excitement grew from there, I attempted to wash the lipstick off using warm water and a towel/tissues and the stain left was a dark pink, I even tried washing my lips with soap and toothpaste but the stain remained.

Waking up in the morning I looked in the mirror to see the stain still perfectly in tact. I went to school for seven hours and came home and part of the stain still remained. Let me just make this clear here. I had only tried on this lipstick for fifteen minutes to create this stain. If that doesn’t amaze you, than I don’t know what will!

This is the stain not the lip stick, it’s also
after intensive (but gentle!) scrubbing.

I give this lipstick a 4.8/5 kisses. 0.2 is missing as the stain doesn’t suit me very well. I find dark pinks somewhat trashy. Otherwise, with the killer endurance, stain (if you consider that a good thing), vegan ingredients, adorable packaging, great customer service, general uniqueness, the fresh feeling and  colour it is the best lipstick I have heard of and used. May your future in lipstick be blessed with such joys as Lime Crime.

-Ms. Walrus.



  1. May 6, 2011 / 9:27 pm

    I must agree with your new found love of retrofuturist. It is the first red that I can wear that looks suited to my complexion. If they ever discontinue it I will have to snap up every one in stock. You look so lovely in it. And I must say you don't look trashy in the pinkish stain it left. You look quit natural and lovely. I am using retrofuturist as a survival tool while being treated for stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. My philosophy is that when you feel your worst you can trick yourself into feeling better by applying makeup. For me, If I can't bring myself to do full face makeup, I can at least put on my retrofuturist! Thanks for your well done blog.

  2. May 7, 2011 / 2:12 am

    Lime crime lipsticks are amazing! I have two (Not sure of their names) but it's the light blue and then black one. I've never worn the blue, but I really want to somewhere. Just need to find an outfit and an event with which to cater for it. The black one, although I've only worn it once for a photoshoot was amazing. So moisturising, not like a normal lipstick. I hate lipstick normally.

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