Product Review: Manic Panic Pressed Powder; Creature of the night

To be honest, I bought this powder well over six months ago but I’m guessing my opinion has only depended. Manic Panic is one of the most commonly associated brands with the Gothic subculture. It was first started by two sisters, Trish and Snooky, whom started a alternative cosmetics business and has since then bloomed to one of known Gothic cosmetics brands around. Honestly, if you’ve ever stepped inside anything like a ‘Goth/alternative/Indie/etc store you would have seen these or even with a quick search on eBay with the words or phrases Goth, Goth make up, black eyeshadow there would probably be at least one Manic Panic item on the first page. But don’t quote me on that.

Whilst I was expanding my experimentation of cosmetics, I had dabbled in foundation slightly for a year or so to cover up the dark bags under my eyes, I stumbled across this Manic Panic product. I wasn’t quite sure whether to delve straight into the world of streaky, oily foundation so I decided a pressed powder would be a great in between. Choosing Manic Panic mainly because the compact was super awesome, as later will be described.

Anemic (That’s the name of the shade) fits my skin perfectly although if I forget to check in brighter light I will miss spots and it WILL look terrible. Powder has grow on me like a slowly growing parasite as it is great for covering up shininess cause by sun screen and it also covers up my shiny red nose.


It’s a very light texture though my compact came with a puff that after constant use because greasy and dirty. It was also said that the powder could be applied wet and after happily attempting this I could never get anything to happen. It’s probably just my lack of experience but nothing would show up on my face.

See, magnet!

As previously stated my powder came in an easily assessable compact with a very detailed mirror. The decoration on the front of the compact must be noted also. With the compacts black background and lighter details of a Gothic floral pattern it is very presentable. The details on the front along with some writing can easily be worn off over time though, unfortunately. Usefully the compact comes with a ‘secret-esque’ compartment which holds the puff out of way and slides back under the compact so most wouldn’t even notice. Well after the compact is empty it’ll still be used as it is perfect for touch ups on the way to work or after a friendly cup of tea. The compact also comes with a magnet to easily open and close. This is surprisingly annoying when I’m attempting to do several things at once before school and am trying to use my mouth to open it because then it sticks to my lip ring and after a few times, it’s get’s VERY annoying.

Cruelty and vegan approved.

Vegan! Once again, this is another vegan and animal friendly product which is a great bonus! Their are no traces of animals or animal bi-products in this great pressed powder!

The pressed powder doesn’t smell horrible, it has a gentle, clean fragrance. It also lasts for quite a while (In my opinion) as it has lasted me over six months and there is still some left!

Let’s just sum up some things here. It’s Vegan. Light formula. Adorable packaging. Comes in deadly pale shades. Is an in scene business, so by buying from them your supporting the subculture. Lengthy life. Life after death (The compact I mean!). Compare that to the con that was mainly due to my inexperience and we have a greatly loved and useful product.

Have you tried this product before? If so, what are your thoughts? I honestly want to know!



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  1. May 17, 2011 / 12:35 pm

    It's great stuff. And does smell delicious. I remember after you got it, I was sitting in the computer chair fiddling with the puff drawer, because it's fun. XD

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