Make-Up: My First Cyber Success!

Firstly, I would like to point out that there is only one eye, not because I think it’s ultra-cool to only show parts of your face (Though it can be at times) but because I only did this only on one side of my face due to limited make up supplies.

 I was so proud to finally have a success in a cyber-esque make up for the first time ever. I spent a large portion of today watching make up tutorial’s on youtube and eventually the need in me to experiment arose.

I primed my eyes with a bit of pencil eyeliner, colouring in the wing area as well and covered all of it in a sparkly black. I generously applied white shadow across my brow bone and the edge of the black and blended a LOT using my blending brush.

Next, using my blending brush, I applied bright pink to my lower lash line, lower eyelid and across my temple blending a LOT.

I blended the pink into the white, through my eye brow. I cleaned up the wing with some liquid eyeliner. Taking my wet white eyeshadow I created dots across the pink area. (Yes my dot’s look pretty horrible but oh well.) I took the same wet white eye shadow on a liquid eyeliner brush and drew a line below my lash line and a point so it joins back into the eye. Using my black liquid eye liner and drew a thick line under my eye, along ym lash line, and (this was actually an accident) draw a line parrallel to the white point right through the white eyeliner.

I finished this up with some mascara and va-la!

To be honest, I’m not very happy with the curve of the wing. I was aiming for more of a block wing. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed.

-SarahWalrus. 😀


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