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A Sunday In Berry; Sculptures, Chocolate, Goth Dolls: PART TWO

After the markets we shopped around in town a bit. We looked at antique stores and we went to a few wiccan stores, one with a previously mentioned GOTH DOLL section. I need to go back there. Anyway, on to the second part of pictures. In this section we went to the chocolate factory and the forge.
Chocolate Factory

Kitty bought a bag of extremely expensive (In my opinion) Dark Chocolate Macadamia Crunchy things, of which I can’t remember the full name.I bought a white chocolate Macadamia Crunchy thing, of which I also can’t remember the full name.

The store owner seemed very snarky, I did not enjoy. It made me awfully uncomfortable. She spoke to us as if we we there to make trouble and were constantly trying to prove our superiority, she spoke in nothing but snarky sarcasm. I most probably wont go back there, now.

I loved the outside of the forge’s building. They had a few beautiful metal sculptures and a lovely wooden seat.

I love this photo. We look like little old ladies.

I found this sign quite curious as it was in the parking lot, behind a tree and bush.


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