Outfit Post: “Every Day I See You, You’re A Little More Punk”

 This was the best thing my dad has ever said to me, which is quite depressing once you think about it. This is an outfit I wore to my friends to stay up watching people game. To be honest. That bores the HELL out of me. I prefer to be DOING something especially when I hadn’t left the house for a week before hand. I’m going INSANE sitting around doing nothing. Even so far as to download the whole discography of The Cure and sit in the dark listening to it for days and streaming movies constantly.

 To move on from that most embarrassing instance, my outfit:

Jacket: Mother.
Singlet: Supre’.
Fishnet Shirt: EBay.
Scarf: Kmart.
Chain: Living Dead Souls, off a bustier. .
Gloves: Plastic Wrap.
Petticoat: EBay.
Skirt: Self Made.
Socks: Sock Stall.
Boots: Kmart.
This outfit comes to a total of 40 dollars Australian. Considering the amount of pieces, that’s not much at all!
Just a note that I took these photo’s before I’d put on any make up and my hair is still wet from showering.

 My new petticoat arrived yesterday! It’s HUGE. I love it to pieces and it only cost ten dollars brand new. It’s way fluffier than I imagined it would be and just completely perfect. I lucky to be able to fit into children’s sizes because there are always good quality petticoats for very little, specifically for the wear and tear of children.

Next are just some picture’s I took for practice and fun.

Sary and Xary’s boots.

Best wishes,

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  1. I love the outfit! It has great presentation and I'm in love with that skirt 🙂 It sort of reminds me of this one I have from a Japanese shop. And I love that sjirt you used to pair with the skirt and fishnets. It's perfect 🙂
    And let's see, what's one of the best things my dad has said to me…"You look perfect Kelli. Very sparkly." on my birthday this year. He usually says nothing about my looks so I was happy 🙂
    Okay, no more of my babbling, your outfit looks great and I'm jealous of it totally 😉 I'll have to do another outfit post soon though (not that I can really top this one…too much 😉
    -Kelli <3

  2. Isn't that true. I think you hit the nail on the head. You have a passion for fashion and I have an obsessive make-up compulsion (nothing make-up related really rhymed with passion like fashion 🙂
    I loved your interview with Steph at If I Only were a Goth! Great photo too!
    -Kelli <3

  3. That is a fantastic outfit. I love your style so much and I totally agree about children's petticoats. They're so much more durable and super fluffy!

    I can't wait until the weather cools down a bit here and I'll be able to play with more crazy outfits too!

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