The Ultimate Budget Goth

Some tips for all Goths alike. I am a very budget Goth as my make up and Clothes rely on my survey accounts and birthday presents. Here are some tips that I’ve both found and discovered here and there:

  • Buy a good lipstick that holds and has a great stain. What’s the point of buying a lipstick if you have to re-apply ever ten minutes. The amount of times you would buy the lipstick compared to wearing it is not worth it. A great stain is great as it is proof the lipstick holds. It’s also like two lipsticks in one!
  • A good pencil eye liner also makes a great eye primer.
  • Some people suggest for cheap white powder to use baby powder. I have tried this and for myself, it did not work one bit, it’s a waste of time and ruins your nice primed face.
  • Making your own dreads are a lot cheaper than buying them. Synthetic hair is cheap! All you need to make some dreads are: elastic, a hair straightened, a spray bottle of water, a good comb for back combing, something to hang them on and a great you-tube tutorial!
  • Try to buy somewhat quality products. They may be a bit more expensive but are definitely worth it.
  • Ebay and other such sites are your BEST FRIEND.
  • Making your clothes can be great but material can be expensive. Try making a practice piece on some old material first.
  • Lip liner, if it’s fudgy enough, can be used as lipstick.
  • Try using your skills. Make a simple satin blouse, or even take a simple black shirt in a size too big and tailor it into something you love.
  • Look out for sales on ANYTHING. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a store that you wouldn’t be caught dead in, they might just had a sale of something you would love to wear. Cosmetics are also something in particular to look out for sale as you wouldn’t want to put something horrible on your skin and in turn into your pores and inside of your body. Bad make up feels bad and it doesn’t always have to be expensive forty dollars for a 20ml foundation, try and look out for good quality at low prices.
  • You can usually find a good quality pleated skirt at a local target or best and less in the school section. These tend to be made to last, for school of course. come in realistic sizes and the prices are always great.
  • Second hand, besides it’s the way the Trad’s did it!
  • Focus on accessories. They are easy to make, commonly inexpensive and can Goth up an outfit like THAT.


  1. August 1, 2011 / 2:54 am

    great tips! =D

    also: youtube is your best friend! there are tons of tutorials about pretty much anything!

    lately i found this girl:
    she's very cute and has some interesting goth tutorials =)

    there are a lot of good but cheap makeup brands around by the way: kiko, catrice, essence, elf, barryM etc
    i don't know which are available where you live unluckily..

  2. August 1, 2011 / 5:28 am

    If you don't mind I think I might steal the youtube tip! It's such a great tip!

    Fille De Porcelaine is one of my favourites! I'm a subscriber. xD

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