What. Where. What.

Source – This is a cartoon I found of Edgar Allen
Poe when searching Goth toys on google images.

Dear Lovely Readers, followers, stalkers or merely people that stumbled across my blog and thought, “Ooooh, this look interesting.” and followed me but were severely disappointed.

I would like to compose some sort of challenge? Probably not a challenge because challenges deserve rewards but I’ve been trying to think of something I could give and have failed miserably because I have the budget of a student. Which equals nothing.

Anyway, I decided to have a game? Game is a good word as most games only leave you with the feeling of winning and little pieces of plastic parts, generally. This game will consist of “What. Where. What.” You guys comment telling me what article of clothing you want me to wear, preferably from trolling through my outfit posts. Where I should be situated, for example a graveyard. The second what refers to what sort of style you want the outfit to be based around, for example a subset of goth like Victorian or even just a word like Candy.

Tell me what you think of this game?
Partake if you please. Maybe even post one of your own on your blog?
Best wishes,


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