Day 25 – Did you ever consider leaving the subculture?

Every now and then I sometimes wonder what things would be like if I wasn’t into this subculture but I’ve never thought about actually leaving it. Socially it wouldn’t be too bad as I’m not into the clubbing scene yet or know many Goths, though my blog would be a little awkward.

Even if I tried (But I would never!) it would be near impossible as this subculture is too integrated into everything. My HCS artwork, extension English – study on Fashion Subcultures, my everything. I wouldn’t have anything to wear, I wouldn’t know what to wear? The majority of my free time is either spent studying, with friends/boy friend or doing something Goth related. Permanent traces of Goth are all around me: My undercut, lip piercing, bleached part of my hair (soon to be purple).

Besides, this subculture has always been something I can relate too. I could take away the clothes and dye my hair brown but I could never take away all the little pieces of my personality that will always fit in here.




  1. September 2, 2011 / 10:17 am

    I totally agree, it's not really something you can just 'leave' – I find it more a way of life than a group you can join up to.

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