Mary Nine: An Alternative Interview

Mary Nine – Used with permission

Between work, full time school and making videos Mary Nine, of Industrial Dancing you-tube channel: maryquitecontraryy, was able to be interviewed by myself. Mary industrial-dances in her own style, is a part of the LA industrial scene and more importantly is a strong believer in art and expressing one’s self, which I completely agree with. I was intrigued to find out more about the controversy of her feminine approach to industrial dancing and her strong messages that go out to her fans at her facebook fan-page, Twitter and Google Plus.

Let’s get to the questions, shall we?

If you were to label yourself as a Goth, Rivethead etc. what would you consider yourself?

I do not like to label myself, because to me labels are irrelevant, we are all people with different lives, we may share things in common but to me classifying people into categories doesn’t really mean much. Interest wise I would say I’m mostly into the industrial scene, but I also am influenced by many other subcategories of underground culture.

You live in Los Angeles, how could you describe the alternative scene there?

We have a huge variety of scenes here, pretty much any alternative group you can think of we have a good population of them and have a lot of featured events and stores for them. For the Industrial scene specifically we have a club or event almost every night of the week, most clubs get a good 100+ attendance, unless it is a really small club or during the middle of the week. We have Gothic clubs and bars, Cult themed clubs, fetish clubs, ect. LA has everything!!! We have a lot of events, a fairly big scene and a lot of stores that accommodate underground clothing and accessories.

How long would you say you’ve been industrial dancing for?

I have been industrial dancing since the first night I walked into a club two and a half years ago. My dancing at first was mostly stepping back and fourth and imitating those around me, but over time I fine tuned my dance to how I was comfortable dancing and how the music made me feel !

You make you tube video’s, what’s your inspiration in doing so and how did you start this?

My interest in making YouTube videos began after I was asked to dance in the Centhron video with Tank9, the experience of being featured in a video alone was all a leap out of my comfort zone to see if I could dance publicly and be apart of something the whole world has access to through the internet. Once we filmed, and the video was released I felt a sense of dissatisfaction. The experience itself of making the video was exhilarating, but after observing my dancing in the final video, I felt that I could do better. I learned a lot from Tank and his approach to making videos. I then took it upon myself to try dancing in my room to practice, watching myself taught me a lot about my dance form and what I looked like while dancing, and after the Centhron video there was a slight demand that people wanted to see more of me, so I posted my practice stuff up to satisfy those requests!! I never imagined it would get me anywhere, it was more for the art sake of dance and to improve but then I got a following so I continue to try to make more entertaining videos. I’m about to go out of the practice in my room stage to making more artistic  outdoor videos. I’d say my main inspiration was to prove to myself and to others that sometimes you need to just throw yourself out there to learn about yourself as an individual and what you are capable of artistically as a human being, its getting past the fear of negativity and judgement and showing your own form of talent, anyone can do it 🙂

A lot of comments on you-tube are young girls admiring your sense of style, do you have any particular fashion idols or inspirations?

I don’t have any specific fashion idols, although I always have my eyes open to what I find aesthetically pleasing. I look at every day people on the streets! Mannequins in stores, club clothes combinations in catalogs (i.e. Lipservice), singers in music videos, people at clubs ect. I’m a very observant person and when I see something I think looks pretty or nice I remember it and keep it in mind in putting outfits together! I also enjoy Japanese street fashion, Period clothing ( Victorian ect.), and I am heavily inspired by pin-up girls and anything that looks classy or elegant. I’m also inspired by edgy fashions. I think variety is exciting so my inspirations come from every where and I like to take the styles in and mix it up!

There has been somewhat of an uproar (If even you could call it that) about your more feminine and American type of industrial dance, what’s your opinion on the matter?

I don’t really think twice on the matter. I dance how I want to , here in America our industrial dancing is a lot more diverse than the typical German style. I think it’s boring to all dance the same, same moves, same angles of movement execution, it gets boring to watch. Like I always say “Who decided what industrial dance is?”, I dance how the music makes me feel.At clubs here there are a lot of different styles of dancing! As far as femininity, I am a girl and I like to move how I naturally feel like moving, I don’t feel the need to dance like the males to “fit the image”, I like to keep it smooth and flowing not harsh because that is just not me, it feels to forced to dance mechanically, and to me dance is art and expression not something you have to conform to.

You make your own dreads, what inspired you to do so and how did you go about getting started?

Honestly I made them because I couldn’t afford to buy them!!! People sell them for really high prices online and it costs way less to do it yourself (but more time). The cyber tube look wasn’t what I was interested in, I wanted synthetic hair ones that I could braid in, so I bought some cheap kanekalon hair at the beauty supply store, gathered tools around the house and sat down one night and made them.

On your facebook page you are always posting to motivate fans to be creative and unique, why is this in particular important to you if at all?

It is very important to me because if someone is a fan of mine I want them to know that the meaning behind what I do is to motivate others to do the same. Even if its not in dancing, or not something you share on you tube it can be in anything! I think everyone has talent and an artistic side, and its intimidating and scary to share yourself with the world. When I make videos I am putting myself out there, I get a lot of uplifting comments and a lot of horrible comments meant to tear me down, when I dance I am expressing myself, as a human being through movement and emotions, I expose myself completely to the world, my emotions, my appearance, my being. If someone is a fan of mine then I feel that they have related to me in some way, through the music, through my image, through my emotions, whatever the connection is it is something I feel people see in me, that expresses themselves. If people can relate and see that I am just another human like them and they admire me in some way, I want them to know that they too should feel free to be themselves and express themselves artistically with the world, regardless of judgement. If you are passionate about something,do it!! and don’t be afraid of what the world thinks, we all have our own lives to live, so live it fully! None of us are the same we are all different and have unique things about us, scenes shouldn’t control your life, interests should. I try to motivate fans to be unique because everyone is unique, its boring to fall into a small box and be too afraid to go outside of it and appreciate your interests fully and truthfully with yourself and with others.

One of your guest dancing video’s, with Tank9, was included in a somewhat recent music video by Krystal System, how do you think your own (and Tank’s, of course) video’s became so popular?

Krystal System is an amazing band. They use clips of dancers and incorporate it into their music video footage, I feel like they do it to support what dancers are creating on you tube. The video that the clip is from isn’t too popular in view,  but I feel like they appreciated the video and wanted to include it since it worked in their video. I am not sure why the videos have gained popularity, it is hard to say.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my first interview here. Hopefully there will be more! It was a great pleasure interviewing Mary, be sure to check her out!




  1. September 30, 2011 / 3:00 am

    Such a cool interview!

    I love Mary Nine and the way she dances! 🙂

    Her and Tank9's vids are awesome!

  2. September 30, 2011 / 7:37 am

    Cool interview, interesting and I like to way they dance 🙂 Styles are cool and both are very beautiful <3

  3. September 30, 2011 / 1:18 pm

    Really cool interview, I like her style and hair… xD

  4. September 30, 2011 / 7:48 pm

    Really really awesome read! I love Mary and her unique dancing style. She puts her own personality into it which is way more important that imitating a particular style exactly. I think she is a seriously epic lady with a great sense of style. I was listening to Dreckstuck earlier, I want Mary's top and boots from that vid:)

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