The Infamous Goth Debate.

This is in response to this weeks Poll of the Week about the infamous Goth debate.

There are of course varying opinion’s on what makes one a Goth. It’s generally accepted that you at least have knowledge of the music, fashion and perspective and the lifestyle in general. Then there are those that believe the music is most important and other’s that battle for the fashion side of the argument. And then there are those that argue they were born Goth (or grew into it) and the music/fashion was just a bonus. It’s a opinionated concept though as there are no definitive rules; there is no “You are a Goth if you [insert list of Gothiness].


Some say that Goth music must be a defining attribute or at least knowledge of the music. The Goth Subculture is said to have risen up around the eighties Goth music Movement. A general belief by some is that anyone can pull on some black clothes but enjoying the music and researching the music and the way it takes you through time to truly appreciate Goth as is today truly makes you as a part of the subculture.

Then there is the fashion argument. Fashion is the defining piece that gives others a glimpse into your interests, however shallow that glimpse is. The fashion is what let’s other Goth’s give you that Goth nod as they walk past. The fashion is just as in depth as the music. It isn’t just ‘pulling on some black clothes’ but designing and maintaining elements of Goth fashion in everyday life. It takes time and effort (not to mention money) to build a Goth wardrobe. A general belief by some is that lots of people listen to Goth music but that doesn’t mean they all are Goths.

Perspective/Life Style:
Perspective I thought was summed up perfectly by a commenter, specifically Lady Euphoria Deathwatch. It made me quite happy to read and I think you’ll all enjoy it too. I hope she doesn’t mind me posting this!

“As a pre-Goth movement Goth, I know that for me the music is secondary. I was a Goth before there was punk. I hung out in cemeteries and wore black. I painted my lips black with eye liner because there was no black lipstick back them. I watched dark movies, read dark books, listened to dark music. I wore Victorian mourning dress only at home or run the risk of being killed for my odd differences. I was there in the beginning of the Goth movement and laughed myself silly as kids of the day tried to make it their own. I was born Goth. It has always been my way of thinking. You can take away the trappings, music and fashion and I’m still a life long Goth to this day.  No amount of trying to change me has moved my thinking in all these years. I am Goth heart and soul. More power to the Goths that found their way here through the music or fashion. But they stayed because it was something in the way that they think.”

A Side Note:
On a side note; if you haven’t already noticed the great Goths In Hot Weather has started posting again (only slightly but it’s still success!). So if you haven’t already checked the blog out I demand that you do here.

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  1. December 7, 2011 / 2:01 pm

    Hi Sary,

    Thank you so much for adding my comment with a link on your blog.

    I was sick and out of commission for over a week so I didnt' find this until today.

    I look up your blog each day I'm in the computer. I've been enjoying your polls and comments on life as you see it.

    Hugs, Euphoria

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