Poll Of The Week: Do you refer to yourself as a Goth?

We’re all heard the story that real Goth’s don’t call themselves Goths. Then there are the people that don’t like to fall under a label. You’ll soon hear my opinion on these things but first I want to hear yours. So go to the poll on the right side of the screen at the top of the side bar and cast your vote. Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell me what you think on the matter.

  • Yes, I am a Goth and refer to myself as a Goth.
  • No, I am a Goth (within the context or something much the same) but choose not to refer to myself as a Goth.
  • I am not a Goth. (Leave your opinion on what you do think!)

Best wishes,
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  1. Without taking up several A4 sheets of paper:
    I refer to myself, with a cheeky grin and the occasional shrug of the shoulders, as 'one of those sad goffy types'.

    I try to infer from this that Yes, my clothes are odd, aren't they? Yes, there is some Bauhaus on my MP3 player. Yes, I know I missed the 80s. Yes, if I just said 'I'm a goth' I risk wrath and thunder falling upon me. No, I don't want to talk about the definition of Goth. =3

    It makes it easier to 'the average person' understand where I'm coming from, and adds a self-depreciative barrier between me and attacks on my subcultural validity. 'I look a bit goth, but I don't tick all the boxes and have the good grace to recognise what the boxes are and why they haven't been ticked'.

    End ramble I tried to avoid.

  2. I refer to myself as a Goth. When I was younger I didn't dare use the term to describe myself, I forget why now…probably something silly. Anyone who disregards labels and insists "I'm just me, and I don't need to be put into a category" usually gets an eye roll from me. Labels are nice. They organize both pantries and people.

  3. Non;
    A tinge of Goth, a touch of crazy cat lady, a soupçon of Lolita, a generous amount of Geek and a dash of Bookworm makes you a socially awkward lady who vomits her mind on the Internet.
    That's how my friend Lucy decided to label me and I rather like it.

  4. In the end of the 80's I was definitely a goth. I'm not sure I can call myself that now. According to all restrictions about that label (silly isn't it?). It's like I would call myself vegetarian just because I'm a vegetable geek, but eat meet. I don't really care anyway. And I don't care what label puts on me either. Yesterday I was called punk by my sister and dad, and boyfriend calls me goth.

  5. I don't really care about labels; If people/society wants to label me as goth, then that's fine. (In my case, it's difficult for someone who's not familiar with the subculture to see whether I'm a goth because I wear black with other colors.

  6. It someone asks specifically if I'm a Goth then I'll say yes but I don't walk around exclaiming about how goth I am, i tend to avoid it unless asked 🙂

  7. I am goth, but do not refer to myself as so.
    I find that when you define yourself w/a label, it defines you more than you define it. So I rarely refer to myself with any subculture label.

    I do, however, always feel the need to empathise what my influences are.

    As a fun side note: My fiance is now relatively up to date on the Lolita fashion & community b/c when we began dating, I was in a heavy lolita phase. He's not quite sure of all the styles, but he can pick out the elements of an outfit. XD

  8. I do refer to myself as a goth, although every goth is more than just that. It just makes communication easier. However, no need to wave the word goth under everyone's nose whether they want to know it or not. 😉

  9. I ticked all 3 options. I'm not technically a Goth in appearance usually (black trousers and t-shirt is a bit too basic to be proper Goth in my opinion) though I am in attitude and music tastes. I don't say outright that I'm a Goth but since I do wear a lot of black (and I'm currently wearing skull print boots) if someone asks if I'm a Goth I say that yeah I guess so to make life easier.

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