Bodyline Review: JSK/Dress

This is the first in my series of reviews of a bunch of new items I bought from Bodyline recently for my birthday. I plan to do rather in depth accounts of each so I thought it best not to lump the ridiculous amount of detail pictures into one post.

After being ironed.


Title: L329
Colour-way: Black
Size: M
Fabric: Heavy fabric, very thick.

  • The back is stretchy, VERY stretchy. 
  • I’m considering taking out the fake corset lacing but that’s only because I dislike them. 
  • I’ve already cut off the waist ties. I don’t like them at all. I never thoughts I’d be one to not like them but apparently I am. I’m planning on turning them into bows.

So much lace!

This is the lace on the straps.
Lace from along one of the edges.
  •  This lace above is a bit scratchy and loots a bit ugly as well.

Breast area lace.
  • The big part of lace that doesn’t look too nice on the picture isn’t actually too bad. It’s soft, a tiny bit scratchy but it shouldn’t be touching skin anyway.
  • There’s chiffon fabric layered at the bottom of the best and some chiffon ruffles around the bodice. It’s very lovely! I love that it has little heart prints on it and the hearts feel like felt or some other soft fabric.
  • I don’t like that the bows are satin. I find it rather cheap – that’s kind of why I didn’t like any of the other plain black dresses on Bodyline. But oh well, it’s only a small part.
  • The heaviness of the fabric is SO GOOD. I have found the zips on Bodyline skirts/dresses to stick out and make it puff out at bad looking angles when trying to get a nice poof. With the heavy fabric this doesn’t happen!

 Overall, I’M IN LOVE with this dress. It’s my favourite so far (which isn’t saying much considering the amount I have) but it’s definitely taught me that prints don’t suit me at all. I adore everything about this dress, apart from those darn bows, and I can see it getting a lot of use and holding up to the elements for quite some time.

Best wishes,



  1. Ellone Andreea
    May 20, 2012 / 5:24 pm

    Beautiful! I've bought a few times from BODYLINE and they never dissapoint me ^^

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