Demonia’s: Are They Really Worth It?

Demonia’s are gorgeous and well known platform boots that cater perfectly to alternative culture. But are they really worth it, what with the insane amount of Demonia horror stories out there of platforms breaking off in the first few wears or buckles literally just falling off without reason. As far as I’ve read they seem to be hit or miss.


They Aren’t For Everyday Usage

There is the chance that you get lucky and your boot/shoe doesn’t fall apart after repeated usage but it’s generally accepted that Demonia’s are more suitable for occasional usage to clubs and events rather than everyday. Though Natalie at Gothy Two Shoes has done a great review on some non-platform styles that you might want to take a look at for a differing opinion [here].

The Sizing Can Be Off

The sizing in general can run large on some of the shoes, I suppose it depends on the model since there’s so much variation. Plus, they are rather more suited for narrow feet and those without high arches.

They Consistently Lack Grip

When a shoes lacks grip it can be dangerous especially when you’ll be dancing around or even running in them. I once had a pair of velvet Mary-Janes that were unfortunately destroyed by rain, but they had ridiculously slippery solves. I remember crossing an intersection (luckily with lights) and taking a step in them and sliding onto my back in the middle of the road. It’s safe to say I was more frightened for my life than embarrassed.

Yes, that’s Taylor Momsen – Link

My Personal Experience

You should all know, or check out, my earlier blog outfit posts when I wore my Demonia boots almost religiously (even thought they’re quite embarrassing and old) – of course though in reality it wasn’t that often. But I did dance in them, jump around in them and go for long walks in them along-side friends also wearing Demonia platform boots. Besides being incredibly comfortable they have never broken in the slightest – though they do scratch almost instantaneously.


You can find boots almost anywhere, but to find boots are decorated as Demonia is a different story. That doesn’t stop the many other online retailers that are up to the mark of both quality and decoration.

Doc Martens

My personal favourite, very long lasting, with great grip and they come in a variation of styles. They aren’t the most decorated of shoes but they are a great staple of alternative culture. Their sizing has been questioned as not consistent though, so remember to research first.

I can say from experience that for those outside of the UK it can be little annoying to order since you can order directly from the site but they have an automatic cart system of you ordering through an international shopping service.

They even come studded! – Link

 New Rocks

New Rocks are expensive first hand but are built to last everyday wear. They come in a ridiculous amount of styles, a lot of which could be considered dupes of Demonia (or vice versa). They even stock creepers. I’ve always had a thing for the platform with the spring in side it.

A few years ago I was so close to winning a
model like this on EBay for twenty dollars.

Thrifted Boots

These tend to lower in price and you can get very good quality pairs. Look out for shoes that are both glued and stitched to the base, a good tread (otherwise you’ll be sliding around) and for sturdy grommets (though these can be simple to replace).

Demonia boots have a great stigma almost in the community, though it still seems everyone still loves them and has owned or wanted to own a pair. I don’t think they is one opinion on these boots that is the end all to the controversy over their quality. If you want some more opinions on the quality check out this forum post on GOTH.NET [here] and you’re sure to get a tonne.



  1. November 14, 2012 / 5:51 am

    In regards to sizing- with my platform Demonias, I actually went a size smaller than usual because their wide toe suits my wide toes, so I didn't have to go bigger to not jam my toes in. Mine lasted pretty well, the inner sole starting to peel up was the only problem, and could probably have easily been glued down. Mine never scratched even though I was told they would.

    All my current boots are thrifted, but I really need a new pair of lowish heel Victorian/'granny' ankle boots, because I wear my current pair everywhere and I need a backup. If you have any advice I would much appreciate it.

    • November 14, 2012 / 7:43 am

      Sorry, I have no idea about the granny boots – as I've never bought any! So sorry. I hope you find an awesome pair though!

    • July 2, 2013 / 12:08 am

      Laura, have you ever looked at the shoe website called sinister soles? They have Victorian ankle boots as well as many other styles so this comment applies to all. 🙂

  2. November 14, 2012 / 8:43 am

    I have a pair of Demonia platform boots. I don't wear them so much because they are far too big for me. Last time I used them a loop for the lacing came off, I have no idea how to mend it :P. But as they look so cool I might try to buy another pair. Otherwise I would love to own a pair of New Rock.

  3. November 14, 2012 / 8:55 am

    For sizing my Demonia boots were always right. But the boots broke so fast! They really are not for every day usage.
    Still I am planning to get a pair of lower shoes (kera 08) and hopefully they'll hold up longer than my boots.
    But I must say that with the Stack 301 in PVC, I have really good experience. They are holding up very well for quite a while.

    Also, for alternative footwear: You can also get interesting boots from They have boots which are quite similar in style to Demonia. And more colour options. But before ordering, you should really check if the colour (if you want anything other than black) is in stock, or else you might be wearing for years to get your boots. (Like I had with mine, waiting for 8 months or so before I gave up and changed the colour to black – then I got them quite fast.)

    • November 15, 2012 / 12:28 am

      I remember reading in your blog about that! That's just so ridiculous!

  4. November 14, 2012 / 9:07 am

    I own a pair of demonia platform shoes.
    These ones:
    I've had them since I has about 16, although they don't get a lot of wear (because they aren't exactly everyday suitable for me).
    The fit is really good for me, because I have narrow feet.
    Mine did get scratched easily; but it's hardly the shoes fault that I got drunk and tried to walk on cobblestones (= faceplanting the pavement!), but they haven't broken.
    I wish I had got this pair instead when I had the choice:
    because I don't wear tartan a lot any more but so many things in my wardrobe are pinstriped =P
    If I could afford a pair I would definitely give their boots a go, but I would have to try them on at an alternative store before purchase because some of the other shoe styles were too wide (including these which are so adorably witchy I still covet them: for my silly narrow feet.

    I love Doc Martens but I only have one pair; steel-toe cap ones (the steel on the inside makes them a bit narrower and I needed steelies for fieldwork). I would love more but they are very expensive for shoes I have to wear 4 pairs of socks with =P I want these so much: or

    I like New Rocks, but not on me, besides they'd never fit!

    • November 15, 2012 / 12:30 am

      Oooh, I have those chunky, stripy Demonia platform shoes – but I never really wear them. :3

  5. November 14, 2012 / 9:24 am

    I don't have Demonia boots, but I have a three pairs of heels (two of which have a platform). Never had a problem with the platforms (except that, it's true, they get scratched very easily), but the pumps were a nightmare, they slipped so much I had to have some ankle straps made.
    As regards Doc Martens, I've just bought a pair from that new limited edition (I think they're called Cassidy) and they're comfortable and very pretty, but before those I'd bought the basic black model and they were so rigid they were always scraping my heels.
    And finally, I have a pair of New Rock boots, which I haven't used a lot, but I put them on everyday on a vacation in London and they hurt so much I had to buy another pair of boots in Camden Town (the docs I was talking about above :D). They scraped my heels, my little toe and my big toe. Maybe they're just meant for narrow feet.
    I still haven't found a brand that makes comfortable goth shoes/boots :/

  6. November 14, 2012 / 3:10 pm

    The issue with saying that the boots aren't for everyday usage is that they take forever to break in! The boots that I had (they weren't platforms, mind, just knee-high and buckled) were so stiff I still had trouble with them after months of near-daily wear. Maybe that's because I have larger calves or something, I don't know. Luckily they held up well.

    • November 15, 2012 / 12:31 am

      Oh, I've never heard of them being hard to break in, but I do think the shoes without platforms are a lot better in their quality. But I feel your pain in breaking in incredibly still shoes!

  7. November 14, 2012 / 5:23 pm

    You know, I'm really hard on my footwear, and I've never had any trouble with Demonias. I have a pair of their Mary Janes as my every day shoes.
    Maybe I've just been super lucky 0.o

  8. November 15, 2012 / 4:01 am

    I like the designs on some Demonia footwear, but I'm a broke college student and so I simply can't justify the prices.

  9. November 15, 2012 / 6:36 am

    The plain black boots that I modified with studs look like crap when they're compared with a pair of Demonias… sigh. Oh well. I'm a pauper, so I can't even get my hands on such a lovely pair of boots. Pickles.

    • November 15, 2012 / 8:28 am

      I'm sure that's subjective because I much prefer a pair of plain black boots than platforms these days, in all honesty. :3

    • Anonymous
      October 10, 2016 / 1:26 pm

      I want to customize my buckles on my demonia swing 815 gloss platforms where do I purchase the parts for this?

  10. November 15, 2012 / 10:30 am

    I only recently obtained a pair of Demonias and haven't really had a chance to wear them yet. I have a wide and arched foot with square toes so it was exceedingly difficult finding a pair that both fit and had a design I liked. Plus I also found out my size can change by up to 2 per style… Consequently I would NOT recommend anyone buy online for this reason. I tried mine in store and paid them off on layby. Better be safe than sorry.

    • November 15, 2012 / 10:40 am

      Wow, two whole sizes in variation is ridiculous!

  11. November 16, 2012 / 12:03 am

    After I wore mine for the second time, platform on one of the boots came loose. It's an easy fix, but they're definitely not everyday wear.

  12. November 16, 2012 / 12:59 am

    I've talked to you on Facebook about these, I think. Mine had problems with the platforms coming off, but I went to a shoe repair shop and they did something to them. They haven't fallen apart at all since and I usually wear my shorter platformed pair three to five days a week. My Trashvilles have a higher platform, and they're knee high so they don't go with everything, but I have had them for about two years and they're still holding up. MY CREEPERS, HOWEVER, have turned that ugly blue color black dye tends to go and I don't wear them often at all. Also, my sizing in Converse is the same as in Demonia, you could add that.

  13. Aqua Cat
    November 16, 2012 / 8:23 am

    I barely wear my Demonia's but I would love to wear them more but I don't go out much. I will however in the future keep this blog in mind when looking for those next pair of special shoes that I only wear to special places.
    Thank you, this has been helpful n.n

    • November 16, 2012 / 8:28 am

      That's no problem at all! :3

  14. November 16, 2012 / 2:46 pm

    I own a pair of Demonia platform boots and I must say I've never had a problem with them whatsoever. I've danced and jumped around in them and even though I have them for about three years now, they're pretty much intact.

    I have had problems with creepers though. The platform just fell off for no apparent reason and I had to glue it back on but then it happened again and now they're somewhere in the back of my closet since I can't bare to throw them away. hahah

  15. November 17, 2012 / 5:42 pm

    I recently sold my old pair of Demonia boots that I owned for about 2 years and only wore like 3 times. The platforms with 6 3/4 inches tall at the heel and they were impossible to walk on anything but flat ground. I actually have a post about them on my blog. I'd love to buy another pair(short platforms this time lol) but I don't think I will because I've heard they're not good shoes for winter.

  16. November 18, 2012 / 2:13 pm

    AAH! Thanks for the link! You're lovely <3

  17. November 18, 2012 / 2:55 pm

    I bought some Demonia shoes a few years ago, never again! Very tough to break in and fell apart very quickly. Now I buy all my shoes from the high street.

  18. November 19, 2012 / 5:16 am

    I love the way demonias look, and I do have 2 pairs but they REALLY aren't meant to last… and for the price, eh, can't say i'd re-buy them even though I do love the 'slush' boots more then anything I own

    Please do check out my style blog as well:

  19. November 3, 2014 / 11:15 am

    I have a pair of Demonia PVC wedge buckle boots, and while I will certainly agree that they ran small for me, and that they scratch easily, I've had not problems with buckles breaking, or with the soles, or with them not being grippy. Because it's basically a massive rubber wedge with a corrugated sole, they're actually quite grippy. I had another pair that were faux leather, and the faux leather started to peel away from its fabric backing, but I've had that happen to a lot of faux leather shoes from various brands. I get all my shoes secondhand on eBay, including the Demonia platform boots, so they were used and worn before I got them, and I have worn them quite a bit in the 5 years or so I've had them, so they've lasted me well. I think it's hit-or-miss quality, and a lack of consistency, rather than all boots being badly made.

  20. Anonymous
    February 22, 2015 / 6:05 pm

    Had a pair of platform Mary Janes from Demonia years ago (I literally mean about a decade now, I was probably 15/16), and I was completely 'meh' about the quality. They weren't up to the job of being platforms, with the foot strap bent completely out of shape within a few weeks of infrequent use. I will say the platform was better attached than other boots I've had where the foam has cracked and split across the sole, but that may have something to do with them being a block shaped platform rather than one with a dedicated 'heel'.

    I've got a pair of Dems on my wishlist – the unisex Trashville 502s. I'm hoping the flat bottomed (and hopefully not too high platform) will mean they will last me a long while!

  21. Anonymous
    May 15, 2015 / 10:23 pm

    I bought a beautiful pair of creeper boots with a 2 inch platform and they fit perfectly. When I got them in the mail there was a little chip on one of them and I realized that the sole was basically made of foam but it didn't bother me and wasn't very hard to fix. I wore them out for the first time a couple days after getting them and they made it all the way to the entrance of my destination. I took a step and felt/heard an extremely loud crunch under my foot and immediately stopped walking. I had read horror stories about the sole coming off Demonia shoes but I couldn't believe it until I lifted my foot and the foam sole was left on the ground. I was so horrified and embarrassed that I was wearing a $200 pair of boots that fell apart on the first time out that I took them off and walked home in my socks!

  22. November 16, 2015 / 8:02 am

    I have a pair of Demonia Trashville platform boots, I wore them all the time for several years, and the soles are still intact. I ended up with holes in the heel section, but that was after quite some time, so I definitely got my money's worth. I have a pair of Demonia Slush heeled boots also, I haven't worn them anywhere near as much as the Trashvilles but the heels are also in great condition still.

  23. April 29, 2016 / 11:38 pm

    Demonia products are utter garbage, but the Hot Topic crowd should be used to poor quality. You are better off with John Fluevogs (usually) as far as construction and fit are concerned. Granted, Fluevogs don't produce platforms of that height, but th detailing isn't cheap like the Demonia brand. If you have the coins, go for vintage Westwood or Jeffery West (gotta love the Satanic styling). These brands are of higher quality and price point by far. Two hundred dollars isn't shit for shoes, let alone boots.

  24. May 13, 2016 / 5:42 pm

    I have a pair of DOLLY-01 Gothic Lolita Mary Jane Shoes and I dont understand why even if the size is right and my feet moves in the shoe, my big toe touch the front and hurts. I'd never have this problem before with any other shoe…
    but I look at them and are so cute!!!

  25. Nonny
    December 16, 2017 / 5:10 pm

    I just got a pair of the Vampire-08s and after wearing them for less than 12 hours, the “leather” has started rubbing off around both the top of the shoe and the buckles. It’s ridiculous – thank god I didn’t pay full price (I got them half off).

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