November Theme: Hoisery

It’s no doubt that looking back over my blog I love stockings, socks, and their many variations but there is nothing I love more than some layered fishnets, ripped stockings and some stripes which in the past have been a big statement of mine. Unfortunately I haven’t worn my lovely layered loves (too many ‘l’s!) in a long time. But here are some pictures! I was really excited in participating but in all honesty I spent the day in my pajamas’s obsessing and reading The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes and now, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (after that branding off into the other original novels).

Anyway! Here are some old pictures of my lovely stockings that way I love them.

Those safety pins actually aren’t for decoration as much as
physically holding the stockings together. :3

I might begin to wear the stockings a lot more during the summer as all of my fishnets and stripes are cropped for use with a garters anyway.

Best wishes,

Plus I can’t wait to see everyone else’s posts for Sophistique Noir’s monthly theme! Unlike rings and other such themes (of which I have none) this is a theme I can really stick my teeth into!

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