Eight Alternative Films With Alternative Characters

In the past I’ve wasted so much
time searching for Goth characters in movies and I’ve told you about my
favourite alternative characters [here].
While I still swear by those characters, please check them out they’re
awesome, there are certainly a lot more. Just a Google search will place
a bunch of ‘Goth Films’ in your hand but a lot of the time people don’t
know what they’re talking about. I’m going to do mini reviews below to
tell you my scope of these ‘Goth worthy’ films. Mini reviews tend to, but may not, contain general comments about particular film techniques, plot points and warnings of inappropriateness and are non-spoiling.


Pretty In Pink

I love this film a lot more than I like Sixteen
Candles – a film set in the same time period with a lot of the same
attributes. It stars one of the ‘rejected kids’, a girl by the name of Andie that dresses in self-made and second-hand clothes consisting
mostly of Pink. I adore the fashion in this film which inspires me so
much. It may not be black but it’s still wonderful. If Pink isn’t your
thing you might like the styles of some of the co-starring characters – a
male, Duckie, that dresses in an amazing street style and a Punky
older friend. The film itself is a typical teen-romance and is almost always cited in awesome romances from the eighties. It’s no wonder it’s still so popular.


This Must Be The Place

I adore this film. Even though the ending
is a terrible re-hash of most films with staring alternative people the
main character moving on with his life, magically becoming a happy
person and thus throwing away his alternative clothing. Am I the only
one that this annoys the hell out of?

Stereotypes aside, after watching the trailer on Youtube [here]
– I have no idea how I found it – I couldn’t wait for it’s release last
year. The main character is obviously a take on The Cure’s lead singer,
Robert Smith. But that isn’t the only Goth in this film with his
younger friend, a young Goth girl and fan of his bands music. The story
however is a bit more of an acquired taste but with the broad theme of
self-acceptance I think the plot of searching to kill a Nazi from
Auschwitz is a lot more available to audiences.


SLC Punk

Let’s face it. I go through phases in which I study
different subcultures obsessively. Goths, Skinheads but Punk is one that
has really stuck. SLC Punk was a film that I watched when first
entranced in the Punk web. And it was everything a good film should be.
Absolutely heart-breaking again and again but with a foreseeable
conclusion that still has an impact. The film is filled with a
documentary-like narration which I love that explains the main
characters life-style and about the ‘scene’ – which you shouldn’t take
as fact. The ending takes the ‘phase’ trend of alternative characters
into a different light that didn’t seem as silly to me – but you’ll have
to watch it to find out.


Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows

Okay, this film is a rather
terrible attempt at a follow up to the first film. But there’s something
about the atmosphere that always keeps me coming back. I just love the teenage spirited horror film. On the plus side, it’s
great for those that hated the first film merely because of the camera

The Goth in this film is a stereotype
but it ring rather true with some of the lines, like “People think that
because I wear black I’m some kind of sick killer”. Otherwise, from the beginning we see her lying across a
grave in a cemetery, wearing a trench-coat, blue highlights in her hair while smoking. I can’t be the only one that thinks she sounds reminiscent
of My Immortal? Anyway, don’t get your hopes up for anything spectacular since she’s only the Goth trope in a horror film.


Doom Generation

This film is certainly R-rated for a reason and I’d suggest those that don’t hold an affinity to gore, sex,
violence and language to NOT watch this film. I think Even a
glance at the trailer here
can give a fragment of this films inappropriateness. I’m usually a fan
of such points in films myself but certainly watch at your own discretion!

actually describe the film, it’s certainly a psychological thriller and
definitely a horror. I would love to know what anyone who has seen this
thinks of the ending because it is rather sickening. If you enjoyed this
I suggest watching the other two in this Trilogy: Totally F***ed Up or


Ginger Snaps 

When talking about Ginger Snaps and alternative
characters I’m only referring to the first film. The first was focusing
on the rejected and rebellious teens with a fascination for death and a little bit of a Werewolf problem. The second film they
have rather left their ‘alternative’ rebellion and the third, while a
good film has almost nothing to do with the first two. If you’re touchy about talk and imagery of menstrual cycles you my want to steer clear of this film.

characters in question are Ginger and Bridgette that are obviously going through a phase but give lots of great examples on thrifted, alternative fashion – especially as dystopian fashion has recently become so popular. I wish I could steal some
of their outfits because they layer like pros.


Gypsy 83

I never watch films more than a few
times, but I couldn’t help but watch this film constantly and for a while everyday. I think it’s because of my penchant for alternative characters. I end up analyzing their outfits and hair-styles and using them as inspiration for my own. It’s also a bonus that the sound track is in constant rotation in my media player. My personal favourites are Nothing-Special by Mechanical Cabaret and Doing The Unstuck by The Cure.

just something fun about watching characters that encompass everything
so stereotypically Goth – from their singing and dancing to The Cure or
Clive’s school paper on “The Unlikely God-mother Of Goth”. In between all
of this there are plot lines which drag it into the reach
of those that may not be as enthusiastic about looking at people
dress up. Which leads me to mention that there is coarse language and sex
scenes (though they aren’t too graphic).


My First Mister

This is your typical teen film with a bit of a twist. The
twist being the trope angsty teen in this film wears lots of purple and black,
with a face full of piercings and died black hair. The film loosely addressed the social problems
of the alternative teen and an older man that become friends. The film can be quite funny at times and is definitely suitable for a teen or younger audience. It’s quite moralistic in that regard.
Overall, I did enjoy this film. It has some humour, suspense and dramatic parts which keep you on edge while you get to know the



I love Daria. And there is no doubt in my mind that Daria
is an alternative character – along with Jane. When I first watched the
entire television series it was from pilot to ending film. There are two
films Is It Fall Yet? and Is It Collage Yet? which fit in perfectly. Unlike some sitcoms you shouldn’t be deceived
by the appearance of a lack of overall plot because by the end all the episodes play together brilliantly. This is a series I enjoyed so much that I cried throughout it. It’s filled with cliche’s and silly family messages but overall I think it was a really impacting show.

What do you think of my first section of Alternative Characters? Have you seen any of these and what did you think of them? Don’t forget to tell me yours bellow!



  1. December 17, 2012 / 5:16 am

    You mentioned some of my favourite films there! I love Iona and the punky club in Pretty in Pink, I want to see SLC Punk.

    I loved The Doom Generation, although, yes, the ending was a bit mentally scarring! And I also enjoyed Totally F888d up although I didnt think it was as good, and I still have to see Nowhere. I also want to see Kaboom. I love James Duvall, i had a crush on him as a teen after watching Independence Day.

    I love Ginger Snaps, the period- werewolf metaphor was great, I love when she visits the school nurse and gets told 'hair in funny places' is normal.

    I adored Gypsy 88, need to see it again! Clive is so adorable!

  2. December 17, 2012 / 5:44 am

    Don't worry so much, silly! :3 I didn't take the comment badly at all. Plus, I agree with you about the stereotypes. <3

  3. December 17, 2012 / 10:59 am

    >Even though the ending is a terrible re-hash of most films with staring alternative people the main character moving on with his life, magically becoming a happy person and thus throwing away his alternative clothing. Am I the only one that this annoys the hell out of?

    No, I was too, in fact this was the reason why I didn't like that movie very much.
    The girl from The Blair Witch Project 2 is awesome *_*! She's very beautiful and I love her make-up and style. I just hope the movie isn't as scary as the previous one, because that scared the hell out of me XD.
    I also know Ginger Snaps, which is quite ridiculous as a horror movie, but I have to admit the redhead was gorgeous 😀
    (And isn't the blonde from Gypsy 83 the redhead from Popular…?)
    And finally… Daria <3 I saw that cartoon when I was in middle school and I fell in love with it. I still love it. Daria and Jane are kind of alternatives, but I remember a couple goth characters in that show. Which were quite stereotyped, though… :/

  4. December 17, 2012 / 4:24 pm

    Oh Sary.

    I love you :3

    And I love Pretty in Pink, he he.

  5. December 18, 2012 / 3:20 am

    This was such a blast from the past lol!
    One of the shows that got me into alternative subculture was The Craft and actually the Matrix too. I've been drawn to industrial goth since then too.

  6. December 31, 2012 / 2:58 am

    I love Ginger Snaps and SLC Punk! Those are two of my old favourites!

  7. March 14, 2014 / 5:37 pm

    I've always, always loved Pretty in Pink! Ducky's dance, akldffsdfskd–

    Araki's trilogy was really strange and good. I haven't watched Totally F***ed Up yet, but I bet it's good. I was happy when the trio finally, er.. fell into place together (talkin' 'bout Doom Generation) but then Araki likes to surprise and devastate. Not sure which one I like more: Nowhere or Doom Generation, but they're both good!


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