Update: Where The Hell Am I?

Hey guys, this is just a warning that yesterday I took a spontaneous trip to the other side of the country – and took my first plane ride – and it was so out of the blue I didn’t have time to plan ahead. Which generally means that blogging might be a tiny bit slow here for a little bit. We, Coen and I, haven’t decided when we’re going back to my part of the country as of yet.

At the moment I’m staying in Coen’s hometown on the beach where the temperature is ridiculously high, you can walk to one side to the other in a matter of minutes and it’s all very yellow. It took a three hour train trip, two plane trips combining to three hours and a three hour car ride. But don’t worry I’ll be taking lots of pictures and next week I should have something planned properly to post.


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  1. December 7, 2012 / 6:05 am

    That sounds awesome! I love the sound of a spontaneous trip, I really have to do that sometime when I have money!

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