Simple Ways Of Working Skinhead Style Into Your Wardrobe

    • Suspenders – these are a cheap way to experiment with colour.
    • Button Downs. Have fun with this one and experiment with colours and
      combinations though it’s clear to me checkered was and still is very
    • You don’t have to shave it all. You can shave a section, a lot or a little. Maybe even none at all.
    • Jeans. For wearing with boots try rolling the ends up to just above
      the top for a classic look. For those that aren’t the pant-wearing-type
      try a plaid or camouflage skirt, usually in a mini-style.
    • Doc Martens. I’ve heard a few recommend Grinders or Gripfast since
      Doc Marten moved it’s company to China and apparently the quality has
      changed. Otherwise, workboots and army surplus boots are also great.
    • Bomber jackets, military jackets, etc. Alternatively you can go with
      more traditional Mod outerwear since the scene developed from Mods.
      Things such as cardigans, V-necks and trenchcoats.
    • Beware that some pieces of the style can hold connotations of racism such as cherry red Docs.

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    My article: Skinheads: My Truth, Their Misconceptions 
    The History Of Skinhead (gives information about history, fashion, colour meanings and hair styles)

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      1. Ohhh I love "This is England!!!" and the Skinhead style. I wish I could do that style, too, but I just can't cut off my hair. 😀 Maybe someday I will be ready for it.

      2. I don't think skinhead styles even really exist in the states anymore, if they ever did. Certainly not in the Midwest where I live.

        I think a person could easily get away with this look up here, but they'd be confused for a new brand of hipster probably.

      3. Hibi: You don't have to cut your hair! There are no fashion requirements. :3

        Akuma: "They'd be confused for a new brand of hipster probably" made me laugh for a ridiculously long time.

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