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On a somewhat unrelated note: today is my blog’s second birthday!

Exercise is a healthy and important everyday activity – even if that means going for a walk when you can find the time. As part of my New Years Resolutions I have been working out everyday and I can honestly say I didn’t see myself enjoying it so much! Alas, as someone that considers them-self a fashion-obsessed, shopaholic my workout wardrobe is severely lacking.

Beach Goth
Photo by Brian Auer on Flickr

Currently, my workout wardrobe consists of Coen’s T-shirts, hot pants and leggings for cold days. Due to a recent unexpected surgery for my cat, Spooky I have to pay for and the cost of moving out I’ll probably be wearing these for a long time – but I can still dream!

Goth’s Photo by SoulStealer on FlickrFashion ManiacCatOh My GothOrange Vampires
 Nightmare Before Christmas  – Leopard Print Leggings – Wrinkle Picker’s Photo


  • Loose band-shirts
  • Stretchy leggings in any style (though pleather styles might not work very well). These days you can get leggings in almost any print from pentagrams to kittens.
  • Crop tops and singlets.
  • I prefer clothes that are more fitted because of all the moving around and changing positions Pilates contains.
  • Loose t-shirts.
  • Baggy shorts. 

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