Practical Tips For Gothing Up On The Run

My life from the last two week and for the next four and a half-years (oh, god I hope not) has been getting up at five in the morning carpooling to the train station (or busing it), taking a two hour train followed by another bus to get to class and then get home ridiculously late to cook dinner, clean and get all my school things done. During days like these it could be easy to say, “there’s no time to dress up” or “I couldn’t be ” but that doesn’t have to be!

But there are few things anyone can do to keep the “Gothing Up” in their life!

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  • Plan your outfits when you have time. I know that I’m ridiculously structured but I plan Monday and Tuesdays outfits on Sunday and Wednesday and Thursdays outfits on Tuesday when I know I have time to spare. Waking up at five and floundering for something that looks good is not my ideal way to spend my mornings.
  • Dress comfortably! It may just be that when looking at clothes – high on my checklist is “how comfortable would this be?” but when I think I generally have this down. I cringe at the thought of standing in the isle of the crowded bus when it slams on the breaks and I fall into whoever is behind me/trip/slam myself into a poll (all of which happen everyday) and how much worse that would be in heels.
  • Prime your make up! No one wants to come home looking like they decided to become a panda or they jumped into a pool with a full face of make-up. Primers really do make a difference!
  •  Be wary of your accessories. One the positive side accessories make a comfy and simple outfit into something amazing. On the negative side they are easily lost and if they’re broken on a train where all you have to fix it are mints and your laptop it’s more than a little annoying. I still have to replace my mini pair of rosary pliers, that I would carry in my purse in case my shoddy EBay jewellery broke, that airport security stole from me (Boo!).
  • Crowded public transport does not equal spikes and studs. I don’t think people will take kindly to you stabbing them constantly. You definitely won’t like it if stabbing yourself. If you’re going to an event or just love wearing spikes try and leave them to accessories that you can easily put on after you’re done with the crowded bus or train. 
  •  Do your make-up/hair while traveling. This is also a great idea if you get to school early and are sitting around waiting for class. You could easily straighten your hair in a public bathroom (The person that I’m referencing knows who I’m talking about!), tease up your hair or apply your lipstick!
  • Moisturiser, sunscreen and foundation in one. These kinds of products are huge these days and save a lot of time in the morning. They aren’t just BB creams, though they do also have skin benefits such as fading scars (this is controversial), but can be found anywhere and in lots of different combinations.

Do you have any tips you can give for Gothing-up on the go? Alternatively, do you have any bad experiences of fashion gone wrong?



      1. March 15, 2013 / 2:27 pm

        I hardly ever apply my eyeliner at home anymore, especially since the lighting there is terrible, instead there's a bathroom at my school that people almost never use that I stop in to do my makeup and hair before classes. It makes all the difference on days when I'm running for the bus in the morning.

      2. March 15, 2013 / 3:32 pm

        Absolutely yes to the planning outfits beforehand! Laying out an outfit the night before may mean the difference between catching or missing a bus.

        I have jewellery pliers, for making or fixing jewellery but they aren't purse sized.

        Of course, when on public transport, be aware of annoying others with your grooming, no one wants to get your makeup on their clothes, and no nailpolish of course, it stinks up the whole carriage, and can be bad for people with athsma. I always do my nailpolish in the bathroom with the fan on while my boyfriend is out of the house, as it really affects his athsma. Of course, most people don't do that. I am guilty of touching up my nailpolish a little on the train once, and the smell was so strong in the enclosed (albeit airconditioned compartment) I never did it again. The same thing goes with spraying hairspray.

      3. March 15, 2013 / 3:34 pm

        And with spraying too much deoderant around on public transport. That's best to do at home or in the bathroom.

      4. March 16, 2013 / 12:26 am

        Laura: I can't agree more on not using nail polishes/hairspray/deodorant on public transport. I had a great friend that when people just didn't give a damn about the deodorant rule had to go to hospital again and again and eventually drop out of school because her asthma was so bad and people just don't listen. Stupid people.

      5. March 16, 2013 / 9:02 am

        my timesaving tip is to ditch the eye makeup and just go for lipstick. In nyc , it's very very bad form to do your eye makeup on the subway. but a tube of lipstick, no problem! also, if you mess up your application, a few wipes of your finger and you're done.

        lol all of my on-the-go disaster stories involve cheap clothes ripping or being extremely uncomfortable and wonky makeup (because I had to rush or didn't have a mirror or table space).

      6. March 16, 2013 / 9:06 am

        Oh I will definitely listen to your tip about planning the outfit days ahead!! Such a good advice!

      7. March 16, 2013 / 10:23 am


        I love you Sary <3 you crack me up funny ladeh.

        I can't help it if I have hectic mornings xP!!

      8. March 16, 2013 / 10:58 am

        I frequently do my makeup on the train, but often if I'm wanting to wear foundation/BB cream then I would do that at home first, where the lighting is much better and messes can be easily cleaned up. I've even mastered liquid eyeliner while on the train; tricky at times due to random jolts! xxx

      9. March 17, 2013 / 6:57 pm

        I usually pick out my outfits the evening before, when I know I don't have enough time in the morning to pick out something nice to wear. I also choose not to wear any make-up when I don't have enough time to apply it at home. I don't mind though, because I prefer to keep wearing make-up to a minimum.

      10. July 23, 2013 / 12:57 pm

        -bb creams feel too heavy on my skin. and most of them are for older women, since they also cure wrinkles.
        -in the morning i don't wear a lot of make up, only moisturising cream, liquid foundation, sunscreen and red lip gloss. Easy to apply them in the bus.
        -About nails, i dye them just before i leave home. that takes only a minute. Until the bus comes, they get dry.
        -I'm bored to straighten my hair in the morning, so i just backcomb them, or i put on hairspray, or I just straighten my front layes, so that they look neat. Another trick is to do a side part and pin the hair that falls in front of you behind your ear.
        -When I have free time I usually try on different outfits to see how they look on me. And when I head out I wear stuff I know immediately that look good together.
        -Once i wore in the airport a fake bullet necklace, but they didn't let me on the check in to board with it, because they said I could terrify someone with it, so I left it to my family. Ridiculus! But they didn't say anything for the spikes in my shoes 😉
        -Sometimes I fix my nails on the bus, but people give me funny looks. I suppose it's not a cute thing to do in a bus, bt isn't it worse if my nails look awful?

      11. August 24, 2014 / 1:10 pm

        Just thinking about this post makes me anxious (I think I have a bit of OCD) Thinking about doing all this stuff with people all around you, disorganised and then with all the movement… *shiver*
        Although, I can agree with a couple ^_^ although some of the situations you gave weren't helping, lol. Dont mean to call a pity party, I just found it funny

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