The Synthetic Dream Foundation: “Where Drowned Suns Still Glimmer” – Album Review

When I woke up I found an new email in my inbox from The Synthetic Dream Foundation, it couldn’t have come at a better time. I don’t talk about current music on this blog nearly as much as I would love to. So, when they offered me a listen to their soon to be latest release I couldn’t have jumped for it faster!

They describe their album as “a fusion of dark, contemporary
orchestral music merged with modern electronics and atmospheres,
featuring guest vocals by Summer Bowman (the machine the garden), Lauren
Krothe (Panzer AG), Susan Siren, Aliyah Davis, and the USF choir.”
While this is certainly not the type of music that I listen to
currently, a little less than a year ago (if you remember!) I adored to
loudly pump Industrial and Dark Wave genres twenty-four-seven.

The bands claim to a unique sound was prevalent but I’m not sure if a mixture of rap music with the vocals of a Within Temptation song was what they were suggesting. Whether the combination is a bad thing – I’m not quite sure – but it definitely kept my interest while trying to pick at the mix of genres.

The drama throughout the album was ridiculously well-done. The song Forever More creates
images of being chased down abandoned utopian streets or sky-diving from
a thousand floor hotel. While being unique in it’s own right the album it is also reminiscent of films like Repo! The Genetic Opera (the song Forever More) and Hackers (the song Summoning Her Iron Golem).

My personal opinion is that the album lends itself, rather than to a club hit, to something much like ‘writing-music’. All you writers out there, and I know some of you are writers, would do well to listen to this album while creating your own Steampunk, Utopian or action-filled Neo-victorian worlds as it really gets the creative juices flowing. It may be because the album tells it’s own story from songs Medusa’s Lair to Widow’s Walk.

Even though when I first pressed play and I listened with my Post-Punk and Riot Girl favouritism I finished with a re-constituted appreciation for Industrialised Opera. Favourites from the album to check out would be: Withering Resolve and Widow’s Walk.

Be sure to check out the album when it’s officially released on the 28th March! Do you have a band you think needs more recognition? Comment bellow or email me to let me know.


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  1. March 31, 2013 / 12:45 pm

    It sounds interesting, although I'm not sure it would be my cup of tea. I never was a fan of Within Temptation's sound, so anything remotely close to it usually doesn't float my boat.

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