Your Wardrobe Sucks: My Vulgar Guide To Battling Through Wardrobe Rehauls

Your wardrobe is a disaster. Even my closet is like a battle field – I always come away from it out of breath and red to the face, ready to accept defeat. But facing that open drawer doesn’t have to fill you with dread and unwillingness to jump back into the fire. Here are some tips to help you jump back into that perfect outfit with the help of a wardrobe rehaul.

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The First Step Is To Admit You Have A Problem

Ask yourself some questions:

  • Do I wear the same thing everyday?
  • Do I have trouble finding things?
  • Do my clothes fit?
  • Am I unhappy with my selection?

If you answered yes to even one of these it might be time for a wardrobe rehaul and time to ask this final question: why am I unhappy with my wardrobe?

Does your wardrobe lack versatility or do you want to introduce some muted colours? Only you know that kind of wardrobe that will work for you. It takes looking at the negatives to find the positives.

What limitations do you have? Question yourself and your budget.

    • Would I actually wear dresses?
    • Can I afford brand new clothes?
    • Should I stick to thrift stores?

    Make A Plan, Yo!

    Now that you have what you don’t want down it’s time to figure out what you want to fill your wardrobe with instead! Be sure to integrate work-wear and other such clothes into this area as they’re just as important if not more.

    Your wardrobes lacking versatility? Maybe you’ll want to add in other colours, other textures, or more basic pieces. Nothing fits you? Altering piece is possible or maybe buying something to cinch in your waist will do.

    It sometimes helps to have a visual display of what you want your style to be – this is in my first Wardrobe Overhaul post.

    White Style I
    Photograph by SoulStealer on Flickr

    Clean out all the crap!

     You should have an idea of the things you want which means it’s time to clean out things that:

    • Don’t fit you.
    • You never wear.
    • Are broken or stained.
    • You’ve been meaning to alter for a year (I know this so well!)
    • You just don’t like.

    You don’t have to throw them away just yet, but it would be advised to separate them from your other clothes. I like to pile mine in big plastic bags (because I’m that classy). Every time I do I realise just how much I don’t miss them! If you find that you haven’t touched the bag in an average month or two you might want to throw it away, give it away or sell it. Average as in: not that month you spent sitting in front of the computer on holiday and didn’t wash your hair for a week let alone get out of your pajamas. Or is that just me?

    Wear it!

    What I like to do for this is to make a pile of clothes you only know how to wear in one way or that you can’t find a coordinate for at all. Put each item on and try it with every other item you own. It doesn’t matter if you think it looks ridiculous – you aren’t looking for a specific outfit. You’re looking for an outfit that sits just right with the otherwise out of place item. 

    Do it and tell me how it went!

    It’s not an over night plan and sometimes it might just make you want to give up (I’ve been there, still struggling through) but don’t give up! You will go into the battle of the wardrobe and become victor. Those clothes don’t even have a chance!



    1. March 4, 2013 / 1:35 pm

      Yeah Im in deep need of a wardrobe overhaul myself. I cant put in new clothes because it is stuffed with clothes I cant wear 🙁

    2. March 4, 2013 / 4:22 pm

      I'm so guilty of the 'things you've been meaning to alter for a year' or three, or five…

      I even separated them from my other clothes, put them in a box for moving house and then left them in the back of the wardrobe for a year… got to start sorting them out!

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