Five Killer Bauhaus Songs That Aren’t Bela Lugosi’s Dead

For the record, killer in my own context means something like “awesome” and “kick-ass.” The fact that three of these are covers is merely coincidence – badly planned coincidence.

I’m not claiming that Bela Lugosi’s Dead isn’t both a beautifully composed and sounding song. It has a great amount of roots in the subculture. Who’s life wasn’t changed when they first heard it and suddenly, just, ‘got it’ – or was that just me being a dramatic little thing? While, it seems to be in everyone’s top ten Ultimate Gothy Hits For The Undead But Totally Still Dead; I Mean, Totally Undead (Hands up if you’re feeling sassy today?) it isn’t the be-all end-all of Bauhaus. As such, I’ve compiled a few of my current Bauhaus repeats below.

bauhaus, aug 2006
Bauhaus from Flickr

Severance (Cover)

Okay, so I did find this song while searching through Gypsy 83’s soundtrack. But shame aside it’s an ethereal melody that combines killer beats, just the right amount of melancholy and a touch of whimsical charm that makes it perfect for almost any situation – if this was played at my funeral I would be more than happy!

Stigmata Martyr

Okay, I’m going to try to be brief and not go into the religious implications (okay, it’s not really implying it – it encompasses it). Otherwise, combination of melodies has me stuck. How can you not love the raw sound of Bauhaus at it’s beginning?

For it on YouTube click here.

Third Uncle (Cover)

My whole life has apparently been a lie (or at least the last month of listening to this song) because I honestly thought it was originally by Bauhaus. While a lovely song by Brian Eno I do prefer the atmosphere of Bauhaus.

A version of it on YouTube is here.

peter murphy
Peter Murphy from Flickr

Who Killed Mr Moonlight

This song is all about the ambiance. The use of the repeated signature key-strokes aren’t kitschy as some attempts at ambient and melancholy music tends to be, always making me laugh instead of rever.

Find it on YouTube here.

Ziggy Stardust (Cover)

Fun-fact, when I was in high school studying music I did an assignment on Goth rock. We each had to use a prime example of our ‘category of rock’ under three minutes and I, of course needed Bauhaus. This song was one of the only that I could find under three minutes and one of the first ‘Bauhaus’  songs (it’s actually a David Bowie cover) I fell in love with.

Find a link to the official video on YouTube here.

What are your favourite songs by Bauhaus? I promise I’ll YouTube
them as quick as I can type (for the record that’s seventy words per
minute with a side of RTS syndrome and never seeing direct sunlight for
more than five minutes at a time).

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  1. I really love their stuff on Mask, particularly Kick in the Eye, Of Lilies and Remains, and Dancing. And Burning From the Inside, that song is just fantastic.

  2. She's in Parties, Kick in the Eye, Hollow Hills, The Passion of Lovers, Swing the Heartache…so many brilliant tracks. I still have all my Bauhaus albums on vinyl (including all the 4AD 12 inch EPs before they went over to Beggars Banquet). Still one of the best bands I've ever seen live 🙂

  3. Dude, I love this post. I feel like Bela Lugosi is the only song people seem to associate w/ Bauhaus & Peter Murphy it's so dumb esp. when they are SO much more than that & have a lot more really good stuff. I looove She's in Parties, Telegram Sam, & Ziggy Stardust. I really like some of Peter's solo stuff more too.

  4. I really do love bauhaus from the beginning I've heard them. Stigmata Martyr, Mr Moonlight and Ziggy Stardust are amazing, but I also love International Bullet Proof Talent and Black Stone Heart. 🙂

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