Plus-size Fashion, Privilege and The Scene With Alt Bloggers: Dani DeathBiscuit

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Okay guys I suck. I have not be putting up as many of the Plus-sized Goth interviews as I have wanted to. It seems to just slip my mind with my ever growing pile of work. But no accuses I just suck and will not let it happen again (then again I don’t want to make promises I might brake. So, take that statement with a grain of subjective salt).

And so, without any further delay is that passionate and forever lovable: Dani DeathBiscuit from Confessions of an Australian Goth!

Photo by Dani DeathBiscuit

Do you have any online stores that you would suggest for those that are
plused-sized and/or alternative?
Chic Star, Collectif, Rose Mortem, Alienskin, Gallery Serpentine, Hell Bunny.
Any tips for gaining body-positivity, for accepting
yourself or improving your mentality in general?
Don’t let others judgements get to you. Do what you want. Wear what you wanna wear. Dye your hair whatever colour you want and rock that bitch.
Do you think it’s hard or intimidating being a plus-sized goth in what seems
to be a subculture/s that idolise models such as Razor Candy/etc that hold unreal expectations?
I personally don’t think so. Alt models such as Razor Candi are modelling as if it were fantasy. I
don’t know if I can explain this very well but the way I see it is… models aren’t realistic. Things are Photoshopped/edited, waists are sucked in with corsets. There is no way they look like that everyday, all day. It’s makeup. It’s fantasy. People look at models the way they want to. I may look at them very differently to the way others do. Most people tend to look at skinny models and become appalled (because of their ‘un-natural appearance/weight’). I
don’t thinking it’s intimidating but I AM getting sorta sick of the
skinny or fat Goth stereotype (you’re either really skinny or really
fat… apparently). There are so many jokes about this… it shits me.
Do you have any models, artists, musicians you’d like to bring attention to? Preferably in relationship to
body-positivity, plus sized fashion/modeling, inspiration etc.
I tend to see most bellydancers and burlesque performers as inspirations to me. I rarely see any thin bellydancers… and burlesque performers are usually very curvy women. I like that. Oh and Synthetic Doll is plus-size.
If you could give advice to yourself as a younger alternative person on
confidence and acceptance, what would you say?
I would tell them to wear what they want to wear, and be confident about it. I’d tell them to find out what suits them and go for it!
Do you think the subculture needs to modify it’s outlook on plus-sized models/musicians?
In some ways, I do. Yes. But that’s just the world in general – the whole WORLD needs to modify it’s outlook on plus-sized girls…


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