Top Five: Favourite Travel Songs

During the week I end up taking a lot of trains. I’ve become
accustomed to making myself playlists to listen to on said train trips.
Since a new semester is starting here (upon editing this, you’ll
probably noticed I’ve been thrown to the dogs already due to my
absence), I’ve compiled my top five of my newest playlist.

Each heading is a link to it’s Youtube video!

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Mashed up screen shots of several of the videos.

The Passenger by Iggy Pop

A bit cliched but all the more better. I really enjoy this song, it brightens my day and well, it fits perfectly! 

Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order

This song. This song has been my favourite New Order song since before I had even known who New Order were and to this day remains in that spot. What more could you want from a travel play list, than songs you just love for no particular reason?

 Pet Sematary by The Ramones

This song came back into my radar when I found out Coen had not seen the film the song was based on! It’s a brilliant horror film which I recommend to anyone reading this. If my memory is correct I think it’s kitsch and old enough to be suitable for most ages (if I’m wrong definitely correct me below so I can change that statement). But anyway! The Ramones are awesome, the film is awesome and pet cemeteries on ancient Indian (meaning native Americans – I don’t want to offend) burial grounds? Also awesome.

Talk To Me by Stevie Nicks

You’ll know one of my current obsessions if you’ve seen my Goth-spiration on Stevie Nicks. Talk to me has been stuck in my head since I finally looked up the Gypsy 83 soundtrack. I feel like I’ve mentioned this song a billion times already!

But Not Tonight by Depeche Mode  

My Pandora stations are filled with older Depeche mode. They’re the perfect blend of an upbeat, inspiring synths and lyrics that make me interested and are always catchy. This is the song you’ll see me bobbing my head to on public transport, over any other.

When I’m choosing songs for traveling I like to choose songs that I like a lot (as for them not to get old) and particularly that are inspiring since I always seem to get the best creative ideas while on trains. What do you like to listen to when you’re traveling? Have you seen Pet Cemetery yet?


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  1. August 20, 2013 / 7:43 pm

    Ugh I love Iggy Pop and Depeche Mode. If you want some relaxing music to day dream to listen to the band Porcupine Tree. Especially the album DeadWing.

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