Simple Fake Brusing and 3D Cuts

Looking through my news feed I found this video on creating really simple fake bruising and cuts! I’ll definitely be trying these out. I’m so excited for Halloween and I know you guys are as well. What are you planning? Is anyone else super excited for the third season of American Horror Story?

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  1. Amazing tutorial, thank you for sharing it! It comes extremely in handy 'cause I'm going to a Zombie Walk next week and I was wondering how to make realistic bruises and cuts. She taught us how to make them with very materials that are easy to find (except for that dark red eyeshadow, I wish I could find that shade of red!).

    1. I'm glad it'll come in handy; I hope you'll be posting pics of the zombie walk on your blog! Oh, and Coastal Scents makes a pretty good dark red, which is also cruelty free. :3

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