Goth Staples I’m Lusting For This Christmas

(But probably wont get; woe to the republic of my bank account) I hope all of the Halloween lovers don’t burn me at the stake, because I’m already thinking of my-Goth-Christmas. But if I could have all the Gothy-goods I could think of this Christmas these would be my top four:

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WinklepickersBuckle SkirtShrug


Who says boots aren’t for summer? Well, me for one. But I definitely force my feet into these gorgeous boots this season.

Gallery Serpentine’s Lace Trim Shrug

This would be a great lightweight summer staple for those that like to cover their arms, like me!

Over The Knee Socks (Here and here)

I recently bought two pairs of Asos over the knee socks (One of the bran Gypsy, and the other an ASOS brand) and am already feeling them for summer. As someone that likes their legs covered all year round I’ll be happy to pull on something that doesn’t go up to my waist. Plus, great for layering in winter! I’m especially loving the Asos brand socks, as they’re stretchy and super comfortable (and I was so surprised that they actually go up to my thighs!).

NastyGals Punk vs Metal buckle skirt

This skirt reminds me of one of my first Goth skirts by Dead Threads that I wore to absolute death but with the high waist would be something I’d wear in the present. Besides, can you really get enough cotton mini skirts for summer? Especially with detailing that would look awesome with simple basics (detail is the answer to the inability to layer in summer!).

What are your Goth staples?



  1. November 6, 2013 / 10:09 am

    I'm already thinking of what I'd like for Christmas too ^_^;

  2. November 6, 2013 / 11:39 pm

    Ha ha, I have been thinking about what I want for Christmas for quiiiiite a while! 😛

    I wear boots in summer! Maybe if I had some Mary Janes I would wear them with more modern gothy outfits but I tend to wear boots with everything, especially as my style is more Victorian inspired.

    I too like to cover my arms, but I also need to cover my upper back. I got sunburned at a loli meetup a while back so I need to be very careful now. Long sleeves aren't that hard, it is having high enough necklines at the back that is difficult!

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