So You’re a Dark-Loving Goth with Warm Undertones, What Next?

you don't know the dark power of...
You don’t know the dark power of… by Nainerouge

 It seems like forever ago when I was trying to force colours onto myself that just don’t work. For a long time I was in denial that I have warm toned skin. The beloved blue-black hair never quiet worked for my face (okay, it made me look pretty ridiculous), black lipstick took the redness of my skin for a ride and smokey black eyes just made my face look unwashed. It wasn’t exactly a match made in heaven. Here are my tips for warm skinned Goth’s that just can’t live without a bit of black.

Are You Warm Toned?

My skin is so blatantly yellow toned that I couldn’t ever pass for a cold skin tone. But there are those that have more neutral skin. This post by Lost in a Spotless Mind has been my favourite post exploring tones, with a great walk through on how to find yours.


I can’t say I spent too many nights crying over the fact that I just can’t do black hair. But if you feel like it’s a must there are some tips to follow. First, try a red-toned black rather than a blue-black, or even a neutral black (but they’re so hard to find!). You could try only dying parts of your hair black, I love the look of having black underneath. My main suggestion would be to mind placing a lot of black in the frame of your face.

Alternatively, there are other just as alternative colours to try. My favourites are dark purples, any kind of red, blonde, orange is growing on me. (Part of my hair is currently orange; it looks better than it sounds!)

Dark Makeup

My best rule for dark-makeup on warmed skin tones is when wanting to use a lot of black it helps to perfect the base, even just a little. That could mean anything from green tinted primers (for redness in the skin), to tinted moisturisers (for a little bit of coverage to even skintone), to a full face of foundation (I would suggest a neutral tone to even out the warmed tone with the cool toned black makeup).

The Best and Final Rule

The best rule is to wear what you feel comfortable wearing. There’s no point forcing yourself to wear foundation with lots of eyeliner if it makes you feel terrible. As long as your comfortable, the world should always think your fabulous.



  1. November 26, 2013 / 3:38 am

    great post! definitely a topic that needs to be addressed. Different skin tones=different looks. there's not just one perfect skin tone in the alt scene.

  2. Anonymous
    December 22, 2013 / 7:43 pm

    If I want to wear black I'm going to wear black.

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