Three Quick Life-Tips from Horror Movie Goths

Goth characters a major cliche in horror films. They go hand in hand with that guy with the camcorder and the guy that’s always drugged up as easy to throw away characters. But a lot of the time they stick around to call other characters out on their bullshit (to put it bluntly). So, apt enough, here are three tips from those Goth’s that just couldn’t be killed (and those that were!).

Being a bit different doesn’t make you automatically better than others – The Craft

It (usually) doesn’t hurt to give everyone a starting chance. Assuming that because others aren’t outwardly alternative they are dicks or don’t like the things you like is silly. Many of the people that I’ve found have loved Goth-rock I wouldn’t have even guessed beforehand.

If you can’t walk in those shoes they will probably be your demise – Sweatshop

super-high Demonia platforms (and I mean the double soled boots) are
wonderful for photo-shoots and are always in style for Goth
fashion-lovers. Gigantic platforms and heelless shoes are very in style
(many being adopted by alternatives) but there really is no point to
them if you’re unable to walk in them. Especially if you want to go
clubbing in them; because drunk does not equal seven-story shoes. Start
small and work your way up!


Don’t forget to laugh – Elvira

It would not be a movie Goth roundup if it didn’t include Elvira! But in all honestly I find myself saying this more and more often. Such creative subcultures should not be taken so seriously! Take a deep breath, have some fun and don’t forget to break the ‘rules’ once in a while.


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  1. November 13, 2013 / 6:09 pm

    SO true about the shoes!! I scored a vintage pair of Demonia 4-inch platform shoes that I love… but I've only worn them twice outside of my house, because I need more practice walking in them! And it's not just the height on my feet that makes the difference; you see and relate to the world differently when you're 5'8" than you do when you're 5'4"!!!

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